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Art and Greens

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November 25th, 2013 - 07:54 PM

Art & Greens
White Lake
November 23 & November 24, 2013

Iíd like to report that this was a fantastic show for sales. The crowds were good enough on Saturday, and almost not there at all on Sunday. This was my first time at this show so maybe next year it will be better. It really was cold outside on both days, but actually the weather was worse on Saturday, and considerably better on Sunday. Who knows? Maybe they were all home watching the Lions? Did the Lions play on Sunday? I donít know.

The show had an attributes that I value which was that the management from the Huron Valley Artistís Association (Leah Ohlmer) was on site, there & visible until well after the show closed. The heat was on in the Bogie Lake Greenhouse, even though the wind would rattle the plastic roof from time to time ensuring that you really understood what was going on outside. I am also always impressed with the other vendors and how friendly and amiable they almost always are to each other. Some that I met at Hamburg were right across the way. There can be long stretches of empty time so having someone to chat with is great.

I also finished a so-so work by Elmore Leonard - the Raylan Givens stories. Leonard is rarely so-so, but the pieces did not fit well in this case. I started another inherited novel called Gone Girl. The verdict is out on this one. I can never really complain about sales because it still amazes me that people not only part with their cash, but vocalize appreciation for the prints they buy. I thank them in disbelief that they have made such a foolish choice with their funds.

The venue was a huge operating greenhouse so the greenhouse was selling plants, wreaths, and other things that greenhouses sell at the holidays. They had cleared out large portions of the heated part of the operation for the art fair. This seems like it must have been a lot of work. The floor was concrete but slanted some so that plant water will run off. The reality was that it did not feel like the deck of a boat. It appeared flat. It was an excellent physical place for a winter show.

There are always inexplicable events at a show. At this one there were two parrots riding around on their humans. Iím not sure why, but they were there most of the day on Saturday. There was some fantastic number tossed around about how many parrots this group had rescued and taken in until they could be placed. Given the life span of parrots I hope these people have relatives that love parrots too!

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Art and Greens

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