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Branding Brand and Marketing

Blog: #64 of 85 by Neil McKenzie

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September 20th, 2013 - 09:36 PM

Brand is usually associated with the marketing world. For some the definition of brand means your logo or logo type. Today brand has come to encompass much more than marketing to include your product or service, the quality you provide, how you treat your customers and the total experience provided by your company. It goes across all business functions and is determined by your employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Effective marketing activities are key in developing your brand but they are not the same as your brand. Marketing activities are things you do, brand is how you or your products are known or perceived in the marketplace. I’m always amused when someone says “We do branding” – to me branding is something you do with a piece of hot iron to the backside of a cow.

Remember, others tell you what your brand is.

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Branding Brand and Marketing

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08:05 AM

Stratham, NH

Thank you for this article. Interesting food for thought. Unfortunately, I could not read the text in the text in the marketing vs. branding graphic. Too small....


02:11 PM

Centennial, CO

Thanks Ellen for your comment! I modified the graphic posted on my website so that it is easier to read - I hope this works for you.