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Cold Press, Hot Press, Rough, What IS the Difference

Blog: #6 of 7 by Wendy Froshay

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February 20th, 2010 - 03:33 PM

Want an Easy Way to Remember the Difference between Hot Press Paper and Cold Press Paper?
Whether we are talking about watercolor paper sheets, watercolor panels, art board, watercolor blocks or pads - this tip will stick in your mind.

* When you are cold, you get goose bumps. Cold Press papers have ‘tooth’ or slight texture.
* When you are hot, your skin is very smooth. Hot Press papers are smooth.
* And of course, Rough means rough. Rough papers have more tooth than cold press papers.

Drawing paper is usually labeled smooth, medium texture, rough and even ’super tooth’, but illustration boards like Crescent and Bainbridge brands still go by cold and hot press.

What’s the Difference Between a Plate and Vellum Surface?
These terms are used with bristol board and papers.

* Vellum has more tooth, like cold press.
* Plate is smooth, similar to hot press.

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Cold Press, Hot Press, Rough, What IS the Difference

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11:32 AM

Northfield, OH

Thanks for this post Wendy! I shared your info with an emerging artist trying to figure out the difference between hot/cold press and plate/vellum papers. :-)