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January 31st, 2013 - 01:30 PM

Color Me CrAzY -The Psychology of Color

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. - Pablo Picasso

Have you ever walked into a high-end gallery of contemporary art, only to find yourself zoning out at a large black canvas entwined with gnarly grey sticks & gobs of brown ooze, priced at $45,000--wait, what?! This painting makes you feel as though you drifted away into the dark depths of your worst nightmare. You turn & walk away from the painting, dumbfounded at the absurd price, while also feeling slightly uncomfortable, sullen, and almost depressed. The next painting is a strange splatter of vibrant green hues on a crisp white canvas. You feel better again & stare at it for a bit, noticing how the lime green compliments the deep rainforest-green hue. You move on feeling more relaxed & renewed in your faith in modern art.

That's what color does to us. It subliminally effects each & every one of us in our everyday lives, often without us even having a clue. We see “red” when angry, and red inspires us to action. We are “blue” when sad. Yellow warms us. Green slows us down both mentally and physically. Color evokes a psychophysical reaction on the human mood & behavior....

To learn about the Psychology of Color, how it affects YOU, & how you can utilize color in business,art & everyday life, please read this full TeshiaArt Blog post:

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