Conversation of Duo a Work in Progress by Cleaster Cotton

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February 2nd, 2013 - 12:11 PM

Conversation of Duo a Work in Progress by Cleaster Cotton

I trust and believe in the creative process of love. And, I trust and believe in the creative process of art. I have a relationship with each of my paintings. I listen and they speak into my heart and head. They help me teach with the tools gained from lessons I have learned. This process fosters my growth and development as an artist and human… as a mother and daughter… a friend and partner.

The essence of love and relationship is depicted in Duo. Duo is a mixed medium painting done with burlap and acrylic paint on wooden boards. And, like all relationships… Duo is a work in progress.

This image is of two people. I painted them on two panels. And, as in relationship, people come together as whole and complete creations of The Most High... and when they do, they create a new and wonderful creation, a new and fantastic force field of energy and electric currents. Duo speaks to this concept and is meant to open up the conversations of relationship, to foster questions, answers, solutions, and ultimately bring unity and peace on Mother Earth… one relationship at a time. Replacing competition with compromise is a valuable key which I offer you in this writing. Use it and share it to grow and deepen all of the relationships throughout your existence.

Being in constant conversation regarding our commitment and integrity to ourselves and each other is as daunting and requires as much faith as sitting on the edge of a boat, all geared up, and fall backwards into a deep and mysterious abyss. Not for the faint of heart. However, it is for you if you are determined to increase your quality of life and that of your family, friends, community, and world. What is your relationship between your inner and outer self… with nature? Is there harmony or separation due to fear and judgment?

Duo is meant to stimulate us to take a look at our closest relationships. They afford us introspection and mirror that which is most necessary for our growth and development. What do you see when you look? Each one in which we come into contact leaves an imprint upon us. Even if we forget that person or never, consciously, experience them during the exchange… the imprint is left. They brought with them an opportunity for us to be and live our true selves through that brief interaction. We behaved in a certain way when we met and that becomes a part of the blueprint of ourselves. And, upon reviewing our character and personality, like it or not, the blueprint has recorded it.

How did you greet them as human beings? Were you gracious, conscious, caring, generous, or loving? Were you kind? Did you listen? Did you show respect and gratitude for their life force?

It is amazing how much we take for granted and how much we miss by not paying attention, by pre-judging, and assuming we know what we don’t. We will not know each other or develop ourselves until we share our stories… our triumphs and tragedies.

Some of our greatest gifts may have already come and gone. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Enjoy the blessings of your birthright… relationships. And, please believe it… all gifts are not wrapped in shinny papers and bows.

Peace and Love to Mother Earth and all of her Children.
Cleaster Cotton, Artist, Activist, Inventor, Cultural Conservationist
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