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August 15th, 2013 - 09:18 PM

Cool Freebies For Photographers

Since I had some free time on my hands today, a real rarity lately, I did some time-wasting by searching for freebies for photographers. These are just a few of the really cool items I found out there...

.PDF Book - 101 Things You Can Get Paid To Photograph in...(and around) Your Hometown

The Photographer's Rights... (a guide sheet)

National Geographic Guide to Photography

Selling Photos for Cash: A Quick-Start-Guide

Depth of Field Calculator

Photography Cheat Sheets

Photoshop actions, textures and tools for photographers by Paint the Moon Photography


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Sarah Manspile

1 Year Ago

Roanoke, VA

Thank you. I can't wait to look through the links.

Tony Black

1 Year Ago


thanks Cindy

Laurence Phipps

1 Year Ago

Wilmington, NC

WOW ... So much good stuff here! Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

Renee Patterson

1 Year Ago

Georgetown, TX

Do you have anything for Lightroom 3? Looking for textures, actions, special effects, etc.... Thanks.

Eva Kato

1 Year Ago

Toronto, ON

Very cool, Cindy. Thanks for the infor.

Julie Palencia

1 Year Ago

Chicago, IL

Thank you Cindy for the information. Julie

Sara Raber

1 Year Ago

Norwalk, OH

Thanks so much Cindi for taking the time to share this information with us.

HEVi FineArt

1 Year Ago

Greater, PA

Thanks, these are great!

London, UK

Hi thanks for the links, very helpful (hopefully)!!!

Carla Parris

1 Year Ago

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks so much, Cindy!

Sabrina L Ryan

1 Year Ago

Boynton Beach, FL

Thanks so much for sharing this info!

Kevin Felts

1 Year Ago

Clackamas, OR

Thank you Cindy! This is cool!

Li van Saathoff

1 Year Ago


Tank you kindly, dear Cindy, very helpful! <3

San Tan Valley, AZ

Thank you! :)

Chris Berry

1 Year Ago

Leavenworth, KS

Cool info, thanks for sharing!

Blair Wainman

1 Year Ago

Swift Current, SK

Thanks Cindy for all your work here on FAA!! Much appreciated!!

Kae Cheatham

1 Year Ago

Helena, MT

Thanks for the info, Cindy. I'll surely download some of these.

Susan Duda

1 Year Ago

Hudson, FL

Thank you for your generosity in posting this information, it's very helpful.

Mary Armstrong

1 Year Ago

Kirtland, OH

Wow, will have to look many of those up. Thank you! MJA

Pam Holdsworth

1 Year Ago

Beatrice, NE

This is great Cindy, thanks for the info.

Debbie Portwood

1 Year Ago

Doniphan, MO

AWESOME Cindy!!!! Thank!!! :D

Ken Johnson

1 Year Ago

Birmingham, AL

Awesome! Thanks for your dedication.

Jean Macaluso

1 Year Ago

Carlisle, PA

Thanks for all of the info Cindy!

Scott Pellegrin

1 Year Ago

Prairieville, LA

Thank you Cindy...

Joe Geraci

1 Year Ago

Stonington, CT

Awesome info. Thank you!

Eunice Miller

1 Year Ago

Epping, NH


Danville, NH

Hi Cindy, Thank you for thinking of us!

K Hines

1 Year Ago

Salisbury, MA

Thanks for sharing!

TN Fairey

1 Year Ago

Houston, TX

thanks for all the tips

Andrea Lazar

1 Year Ago

Chagrin Falls, OH

Thank you for sharing!

Sabine Edrissi

1 Year Ago

Surrey, BC

Thank you for passing on these comments. I am sure I will enjoy reading them.

Julie Kalua

1 Year Ago

Sunnyvale, CA

Very cool, thank you! Just went through all the links you posted, my favorite is from "Paint The Moon"! The other resources were really great as well, thanks again! No reason not to be busy taking of pics of EVERYTHING :)

Jola Martysz

1 Year Ago

Lac-des-Plages, Quebec

Thank you so much Cindy!

Sandi OReilly

1 Year Ago

Greensboro, NC

Thank you very much, Cindy, for taking your time to find this info for us. Going to enjoy perusing these sites!! Appreciate it!!

Connie Dye

1 Year Ago

Osceola, IN

Thank you Cindy for sharing these with us! Very thoughtful of you! :)

Julie Kalua

1 Year Ago

Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you for the info!

Mark Kiver

1 Year Ago

Cheney, WA

This is great Cindy. Thanks for sharing

Victoria Sheldon

1 Year Ago

Berlin, WI

Thank you for the wonderful info!!!

Antony McAulay

1 Year Ago


Excellent finds Cindy!

Kay Novy

1 Year Ago

Kenosha, wi

Thanks Cindy! Some interesting reading here and great ideas. Happy Sales, everyone!

Jordan Blackstone

1 Year Ago

Surrey, BC

Thanks, Cindy!! These are great!! =)

Michael Cross

1 Year Ago

Eugene, OR

Thank you Cindy!!!

Joe Jake Pratt

1 Year Ago

Kerrville, TX

Thanks Cindy. Guess I'll have to quit stealing now. I am going to send you a private note. Jake

James Barber

1 Year Ago

Fort Smith, AR

Thanks, Cindy. I need all the help I can get!

Peter Zurla

1 Year Ago

Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you ...

Rosalie Scanlon

1 Year Ago

Cape Coral, FL

So nice of you to share.

Robert Santuci

1 Year Ago

Orlando, FL


Katie Wing Vigil

1 Year Ago

Elkton, OR

Thanks so much Cindy!

Chris Anderson

1 Year Ago

University Place, WA

Thanks for sharing this useful information!

Debra Vatalaro

1 Year Ago

Concord, Nc

Thank you Cindi for The information ,I appreciate it I should be out in California in November