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Creating mosaic art

Blog: #4 of 5 by Sandra Bryant

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March 16th, 2012 - 01:24 PM

Mosaic art has so many styles, abstract, representational, figurative and experimental, just as in painting. The options for materials are incredible, from brightly colored glass to river stones, large and small, beads, semi precious stones, marble, crystals and any combination of found objects, bottlecaps and pretty much anything you can imagine. The individual piece size and cutting techniques and shapes also have a huge effect on the final look of the piece. The "brushstrokes" can be small and tight or big and loose, just as in other art forms. Sometimes we will create a cartoon drawing as a guide for the mosaic work, and sometimes it's an original painting in full color. It's a very time consuming process and many of our mosaic art pieces have approximately 1,300 individually shaped pieces of glass per square foot of art. It's also a process that is joyful and experimental. I love that this beautiful and ancient art has found renewed vigor in recent years!

Creating mosaic art

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02:17 PM

Sacramento, CA

that is so beautiful!!! I mosiac my entire garage door over the summer. It is SO addicting! You have much talent!!!!