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October 8th, 2012 - 05:39 PM

Geisha 1792

Geisha 1792 is a vibrantly colorful (high-resolution) restoration most recently reproduced in our 'Fashion and Fabric' gallery of historic styles and materials . . .

Geisha 1792

"Geisha 1792" . . . Four geisha or courtesans walking together. They are dressed in colorful, gorgeous kimonos of fine print fabrics. All of the geisha wear elaborate ornaments and long pins in their hair. From an original 18th century (1792) woodcut, Mitsuhata senzan Misayama Itotaki Oribae, by Hosoda Eishi. All Rights Reserved 2012 padre art . . .

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This rich and beautiful image can be found (with hundreds of other vintage woodcuts and drawings), lovingly restored and reproduced in high-resolution, as designs for unique gift ideas in our online store, 'Padre Art Prints' . . . Geisha 1792



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