Haiti Voodoo

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September 19th, 2013 - 09:01 PM

Haiti Voodoo

My girlfriend Penne (future wife) and I were on a vacation cruise in the Caribbean years ago and Haiti was one of the stops. We were in one of those sad market-places where people were selling bars of soap made from old soap left over from the hotels and candles and handmade jewelry.

I opened my Rollie case and took some pictures and all these men and women started circling us and moving in close, not looking so pleasant.

A woman pushed through and started yelling at them in French while dragging my girlfriend and me out of the crowd. Once safe, she said that she worked in an American household and that in Haiti, 90% of the citizens were Catholic and 100% were Voodoo, and that they believed my taking their picture would capture their souls.


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