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Impressionist Painting

Blog: #4 of 4 by Catherine Howley

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March 31st, 2014 - 05:29 PM

My acrylic painting "Starry Night Over Africa" was painted in honor of Vincent Van Gogh's birthday yesterday. Of course I put my own fun spin on it paying tribute to the majestic elephant. "Realism?...I guess is my style so doing the Starry Night sky part of the painting was a struggle for me. My eyes, brain and hands want to paint and draw what I it's real. Working loose like impressionists makes my brain hurt. I guess about an hour into the sky the little voices in my head were telling me to scrap it and quit. But I was determined and mushed on. Painting the silhouette of the elephants and the tree was so much easier for me.
A friend of mine loves Renoir's "Bouquet De Une Loge" ( I think that's the title)..... which is a bouquet of flowers on a couch. But it's impressionism. I'm going to try to do my own version of it and have been looking at bouquets of flowers and velvet couches. And I've been studying up close how impressionists paint. I'm not looking forward to having to paint it loose and stroky (is that a word?). I joked with my daughter that maybe I'll paint it with my left hand. LOL
Anyway, when you see me post a painting of flowers on a will know that I am very relieved that the painting is done and over. :)

Impressionist Painting

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02:46 AM

Evosmos, Thessaloniki

Beautiful creation Katherine!!! It combines harmonically Van Gogh's elements with your theme !!! I really love the colors !!!


05:24 PM

Morganville, NJ

The more I look at "Starry Night Over Africa" the happier I am with it. It is colorful.....and happy. :) I wish I hadn't filled in the starry swirls in the center so much and left them looser with more strokes. I think I was having fun painting at that moment.


05:25 PM

Morganville, NJ

Well, I have my studio set up and I'm going to attempt my own version of "Bouquet Da Une Loge" in chalk pastels. I'm considering it a practice run. We'll see what happens.