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Insights from my art studio

Blog: #3 of 3 by Bonnie Lanzillotta

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May 27th, 2013 - 12:02 PM

These are some of my insights I've acquired while creating and living as an artist.

* Itís not necessary to say your every thought.

* Donít worry about losing your mind. If it happens you wonít know it.

* Be OK with change. Stay flexible. Open your heart and let the light shine in.

* Who wants to live in a room or a consciousness that is filled with old dust and stagnate memories?

* Food is love. But, when reaching for another handful of cookies, what you may need is a good laugh with a hand full of friends instead!

* Security may not be where or what you thought it was...especially if you find yourself in a self made prison.

* Caring for someone is hard work made easy and joyful when it is appreciated and valued. Life threatening if it isnít.

* Be grateful for every blessing. Even if it doesnít look like the kind you were hoping for.

* Look for the positive in every person and situation. Itís there. Even if you have to dig deep to find it.

* It doesnít matter how long we are on this planet.
Who do you love? Who loves you?
Are you kind? Do you listen to others? Do you lend a hand when itís needed? These are questions to ask yourself. This is what truly matters.

* At the end of everyoneís life here on earth we wake up in a new life. The material attachments are gone and life is joyful. Try to let go of them early, so you can enjoy heaven on earth.

Insights from my art studio

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