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It Never Fails

Blog: #21 of 91 by Douglas Wilks

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October 5th, 2012 - 01:13 AM

I left my camera at home the other night on my way to my bowling league, then wondered if I should have put it in the car. Being in a hurry I decided to go into town, which is a short drive of one and a half miles. As I parked the car and locked the doors I looked at the nearby mountains and the late afternoon lighting in the sky. The sunlight and clouds were putting on a show and it was a good one. The mountain had the right amount of sunlight and shadow, which doesn't happen unless the clouds and sun are at the right angle in the sky. I debated about getting back in the car and drving back to the house for my camera. I then looked at my watch and the sky. I knew the way the light and clouds were moving there would be no way of returning and getting the photo I had just seen slip into the past. I shook my head and continued to bowl that evening. It never fails, sometimes the best images are those not taken. Ever see something that would have been a great photo and not had your camera with you? How do you feel when it happens? Do you then pack the camera every time you get in your car?

It Never Fails

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