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Joe Blows

Blog: #82 of 321 by Ricky Sencion

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April 18th, 2012 - 03:44 PM

Happy Gorgeous Monday.

Joe blows! His real name is Joe Sorren, an artist from Flagstaff, Arizona. His work 'blew' me away. Not since seeing Marlene Dumas, 4 years ago at MOCA, has an artist inspired me. I was immediately drawn to his work, the beautifully surreal figures and richly textured colors. This past Saturday, while looking for trinkets for my LITTLE series, I came across his work exhibited at La Luz De Jesus Gallery inside of WACKO. If I could afford a $40,000 piece of artwork, I would have purchased a piece.

The piece here is titled, “Joe Schmo Blows.” Though in no way is Sorren’ work ordinary, this idiom came to mind after seeing his work. I came home inspired and I finished this piece.

It’s strange that I have not painted in a very long time. Today, I may just sit down and paint for a little while. The writing of my book has also been slacking. Thankfully my inspiration for LITTLE continues; I’m not stressing. I’ve been blessed to have inspiration happen way more often than not; it has happens naturally from out of nowhere and mostly in the mornings.

“Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.” This quote by Brendan Francis Behan sums up the importance of taking action when inspiration happens. It ‘s quick and, as he sums up clearly, it needs immediate attention. Otherwise, it blows somewhere else.

Enjoy this beautiful week. Be inspired!

Joe Blows

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