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Landscape Painting Freehand Different Kind of Tour Experience the Charm of Style

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June 3rd, 2013 - 05:11 AM

Bo Baby Jane in the mall offers a variety of outstanding landscape oil painting, Bo Po network to join the works of 80 artists Roson scored collector's attention. Roson has a keen perspective, sentimental heart and passion surging. His work fresh and elegant, natural, simple words and the dripping with a strong poetic, is indeed a rare masterpiece.
Roson, his childhood love of art, is a professional painter in Sichuan, China Academy of Fine Arts Council members. Participated in many national exhibitions and works of award-winning, "joy under the goblet," "youth series," income "Yearbook of Chinese art works * 2001-2013." Work, "Watch," "stop light" income "Yearbook of Chinese college students work."

This "Zhou Zheng ancient homes," hazy, ethereal, hesitant, and unable to stop, just like spring night, the rain outside the window listening to the kind of deep-seated lingering banana. Whole lot of mixing with a transcendent work of leisure and quiet earth, beautiful and harmonious, showing a trace of a quiet and elegant, refreshing.
For sale of this "bridge" is also Roson work. The mood of traditional Chinese ink oil paintings, and its halo to write, rendering the law, melted in a very Western point line structure, like a typical southern small scene. Point line with a simple, composition Lively, ink deliberately focus on, are all blooming a kind of dreamy mood linger and Italy pulse flow.

Works to calm colors Piece Canvas Art and impressionistic way to show typical signs of China Yangtze River Delta, and the dim mood in contrast to the paintings in my mind the unique feelings of rivers and lakes. Elegant and poetic works of the artist, a painter works in the boutique for.

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Landscape Painting Freehand Different Kind of Tour Experience the Charm of Style

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