Make Antiques Look New With Furniture Restoration

Willie Tillman

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September 23rd, 2012 - 02:09 AM

Make Antiques Look New With Furniture Restoration

Many people use furniture restoration techniques to bring lovely antique furniture back to its original glory and using it to adorn their homes. A growing number of people are trying to find unique furniture treasures at flea markets, resale shops, and garage sales because they can often get them for less than a new piece of furniture. The issue is that many of these pieces are in less than perfect shape and need to be treated and conditioned before they will look the way they originally did. Thanks to modern restoration solutions and a variety of helpful resources, however, you can easily bring back the original shine and beauty of antique wood furniture even if you are not an expert in the field. An informative website like will give you more info about the importance of antique furniture restoration and how it will benefit you.

Do not begin with furniture restoration on any piece of wood until you have first figured out what kind of finish was originally applied to it. If you were to proceed with your project utilizing any method without first thinking about what finish you are working with you would likely waste a lot of time. Denatured alcohol and lacquer thinner are able to assist in revealing whether the furniture was finished with lacquer, shellac, or varnish.

The preliminary process in furniture restoration is to clean any dirt and wax that has accumulated on the wood off so that you can get to the base of the item. Do this by using a wood cleaner or conditioner and putting it on with a soft cloth; after you have applied the product you should let the wood dry and consider reapplying, depending on how the wood looks. If the dirt is especially difficult to remove you might get better results from letting it dry out completely and then going over it again with a solvent or a liquid detergent solution. Additional data about handmade pens can be reviewed on the site of photobucket.

With time, wood wears down after years of use, no matter what quality it is; that is one reason why staining the furniture you want to restore will help improve its look. You may notice that you are obligated to sand down some of the most worn spots on the surface in order for the stain to take full effect; restorative wood products are also sold that bring the original look back to your furniture.

Restoring wood furniture and clean hardwood floors to their original beauty is much easier than ever before thanks for modern cleaning and restoring products. Furniture restoration projects provide you the chance to take personal pride in taking an old piece of furniture and making it look new again. There are more articles that talks about wood paneling and you can see a lot of them on this site .


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