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More Flowers? Why?

Blog: #1 of 3 by Kenneth Agnello

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April 18th, 2014 - 07:41 AM

More Flowers? This is the question I raise again with cynicism when I see the endless calls for “artists” to submit work of the floral genre, as if something new will come of it. And, again, these exercises are requested to be completed through photography only—no painting, no sculpture, no drawing. Simpletons who produce and promote this mundane, uneventful product not only lack the vision to move beyond floral shop, but are also devoid of the imaginative power to create a composition from scratch. To rely on the camera as an instrument is, well, safer, less daring. To keep delving into flowers is, well, safe and less daring.

And I cringe when I think that somewhere, somehow a winner will be declared. My senses can stand the pain no longer.

More Flowers?  Why?

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