My Childhood Games

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June 6th, 2013 - 01:18 PM

My Childhood Games

When I was in the second grade I played this game called Hopscotch. All the girls played at school and at home. You would use some type of marker and begin with tossing it into the first box. Then you would hop through all the numbers and turn around at the circle and come back to the beginning, picking up your marker on the way back.

Who ever made it to the last number, often called "Home" was the winner. Some of the best markers were the small chains that were attached to a rabbits foot or charm, or like in our town (San Diego) where there were an abundance of a plant we called 'ice plant', a succulent that stopped nicely in the farther away boxes, was used quite often. We were inventive and creative with our markers.

Competitions existed and at one point I was the school champ and had the opportunity to go to the city's big competition event. I bombed out of it in some of the first rounds but had a great experience.

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