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June 3rd, 2013 - 01:28 PM

New Vistas

Was moozling through some pics that I'd kept because they were so vivid and finally found "amazing tree". It was spring and I was in the Mt. Pleasant area near where I work, actually near the Western Front, a gallery. Looking up the contrast of the black branches and the sunlight through the fresh green leaves against a blue sky was just aching to be part of my new working of Anne. I have now a dark green border on the piece (necessary because it was larger than the 11"x17" paper I could use for the print of the tree, and also to give a certain seriousness to the piece.)

Have cropped the pic carefully and judiciously so that the composition of the work looks more pleasing. Also got the drawing that I'd done of Anne blown up on a piece of heavier weight paper so that I can use acrylics on it. The photo is also printed on this weight of paper (used to be called 140 lb. paper; not sure of the metric). After I paint the image of Anne, I will cut that out and glue it onto the background, which I have yet to work up, though I've started up an underpainting on it. It seems a shame to waste the narrow strips of paper I cut from the photo, so I may incorporate them into the piece as well, we'll see.

No further carving on the bird for Beth, but will be making a cut to save time on the wood I've ueed to get rid of a large piece of waste. Hoping to do that this week. Also hoping to finally get to Basic Inquiry, the life drawing class this week.

Went on a lovely long, brisk walk on Saturday with a newfound male friend. We had a delightful time and I am enthusiastic about getting more exercise so I have more energy in the evenings.

All for now. The pic is "Amazing Tree".


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