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Oh our Human nature

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August 18th, 2013 - 12:19 PM

This my first blog and here is what bagging in my head for a while:

I am not being judgmental, but observant and self critic when I present my personal comment:

Why we as a human being suffer being greedy , self-centeredness and stuck in all kind of bad habits?

Is this really every person choice or a must? Social conditioning? Is it driven by our fear to survive?

Is it written in our DNA? Is it in our family values, which are passed to us? Is it really our ego? can it be solved with economic sufficiency? or political stability?

I think we as human are not strong enough to be victorious over our basic and primitive emotion - fear , Fear of not having enough or loosing we already have/are (something, self, others, job, recognition, admire, respect, being needed).

Will the joy of giving, selflessness and self-control manifest more with less attachment from self, others and things?

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Oh our Human nature

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