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Precipitating Reality

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January 2nd, 2013 - 11:59 PM

The question being considered here is, who or what determines our experience of this “reality”? Are we listening to and participating in life according to the fears set up by the outer world, our ego, or the “flesh”, or have we chosen to essentially renounce these, and to create our reality (or at least a higher, more noble response in Life) through a passionate single-minded devotion to the Still Small Voice of the Inner Christ - the Light that enlightens everyone coming into the world?

Recently there was a very brief discussion in our kitchen about a news report involving the rainfall for England. What was reported on this particular broadcast was that the Brits had received in one day the rainfall which ordinarily occurs over the course of an entire year. This dredged up a flood of thoughts for me (pardon the pun, please) concerning why, of all the things occurring on Planet Earth on any given day, this item was chosen for a news report. Why is anything considered “newsworthy” by “the mainstream media”? Or by the “alternative media” for that matter?

Certainly I’m not unsympathetic to such matters and the people who are involved, if there is loss or damage incurred of property, livestock, or even life, and so forth. However, I didn’t sense that I was being made aware of this event in order to volunteer for the Red Cross or any rescue mission, but rather to question and hypothesize concerning what had caused it in the first place! What “precipitated” this reality?

Besides, where is the rant concerning thousands whose death is perceived to be caused by starvation and malnutrition every day of the year, or auto accidents, chronic disease, crime, or medical practices or pharmaceuticals or abortion? What becomes of these things in the “public” eye trained to see what its keepers want it to see? Enough there!

So why this report about people in a rather “normal” European country having a bit of a downpour so important?

As I pondered this, my thoughts were led down a very different path, a metaphysical and spiritual one, but in fact touching on what it is that really impacts our reality, and in fact may create it - to our blessing or our peril.

Over the years I’ve become convinced that all news is essentially propaganda, no matter who the news anchor is, he or she is peddling a point of view, a point of view about what’s important or unimportant according to their interests and agendas. And they, or whoever they work for up the chain of command, wants listeners or watchers to consider what is being peddled as having an impact on their reality. And it often does.

But does it have to?

As people sit in front of the television, or have the radio on as they go about their chores, programming is being woven into their minds, and therefore the “light construct” that makes up their very DNA. They are not really thinking their own thoughts, but adapting to the input being provided for them from external sources. But no matter what is being presented - even if it is “fact” rather than “information”, there is a subtle effect upon the recipient. Their thoughts, behaviors, and choices are then often driven by this external input, and their ability to think independently, wisely, and creatively is subtly eroded away by a nebulous fear - if it is even sensed.

The “news” as well as entertainment and music trends can also be very effective tools for manipulating people’s minds and vibrational patterns and frequencies as well. Since we are all quite “pliable” as metaphysical beings - beings whose reality stretches across many layers of being (subject for another day!?), it would be to our benefit to establish once and for all who or what is in charge of our life and the formation of our soul. What in the world is happening to us for heaven’s sake? Who creates our creations and what manifests around us? And who is responsible for them?

One of the great hermetic axioms is that All is Mind. There isn’t really anything that is “solid” matter, although it may seem so. Our limited “quantum” science is only now beginning to grasp this concept and catch up to what metaphysicians have known for aeons. (Or as I like to say, if you “mind”, it will “matter”. Or, where the focus goes the energy flows.). Therefore I have a choice (maybe even a responsibility?) to choose by way of the Higher Mind, the wisdom of the Inner Christ - the Light within, Core and Source of my very Being! I do not have to choose according to my fears, or according to my programmed ego’s (false self) programs for happiness driven by the world. I can choose the Higher Reality of my Highest Good, as I choose that better portion, as Mary did, and inwardly sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him!

The Powers That Were, as powerful as “they” may want anyone to think they still are, know all these things. Thus broadcasting ANY sort of negativity is used to limit Hu-mankind wherever possible, at a time when a great awakening is taking place among Hu-mans rising into Higher Consciousness. They are also aware that their hierarchical governance of Planet Earth is not needed any longer, if indeed it was ever needed at all. The votes are not in on that matter as yet. Personally I’m convinced that the dog has had his day, whatever it meant for the Luciferian rebels. That is what the “end time” means - it’s the end of their occupation and the benefits of controlling “Hu-man resources”. Redemption is wrought on behalf of Hu-mans (the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ), the plan of salvation near completion, and we are more than Homeward bound. (“OM” word bound!) The Suns of God are manifesting - those for whom the entire Creation has waited as if in childbirth. And I think that nothing less than the message of fierce freedom by way of the “rising”, the “ascension”, through the word and power of the Inner Christ is what must be taken to all the Universe! Nothing short of that! But first we have to “see” it ourselves - to perceive our real identity.

(This may seem like an odd off the beat direction and subject, but it’s become evident to me that, over the course of the years, it’s become very important to explore and understand various theories about our real cosmology, our real history, who we really are and what we’re really supposed to be doing here, and how we fit into this Universe - both its created and uncreated aspects. In our Creeds we confess, “I believe in all things visible and invisible.” But what does that really mean?)

As I pondered these matters, the Holy Spirit led me to one of my favorite Scripture texts, but this time I noticed some very different emphases.

Philippians 4: 6-9 (NASB). “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace shall be with you.”

What struck me was the subtle difference in the phrases here between simply the
peace of God in the 1st section, and the grandeur of the God of peace in the 2nd part. The difference between a cup of water and the entirety of the ocean, so to speak.

This seems to point to 2 different kinds of awareness, both of them very wonderful in our Great Work in progress. Yet the first - the peace of God - seems to suggest a little ray of divine peace finding its way into the praying, struggling heart, perhaps a heart whose prayers do not reflect the sense of union with the Divine found in the mind that refuses to dwell on anything negative, having put on the mind of Christ, the mind informed by the Christ Mind within - wherein the perception is one not of simply the peace of God, but of our being contained within and containing within us the God of peace - that in Whom we live, move, and have our being! Thus the degrees of practice prescribed here bring the soul (whose awareness still “says” it’s apart from God) from ways of experiencing just a little bit of God’s peace through “prayer and supplication”, to experiencing being the manifestation of the very God of peace - a huge difference in perception, experience, and unfolding, evolving habitual spiritual practice!

This really gives us something to feast on spiritually and contemplatively as we enter this season celebrating the coming of the Light - we can appreciate it from either perspective: that of one who sees this Divine Light as afar off but on the way, or it can be the genuine experience and epiphany of “Emmanuel”, God WITH Us!

Therefore we can move all the more toward the Light of the Inner Christ, and away from the dim lights of an outer world of control, chaos, cunning, and competitive ways into divinely fearless cooperation, collaboration (with God and our fellow Hu-man Beings with whom we are also one) and creativity. No more allowing any dim outer light to determine the path we walk in the world! As Winter approaches, we go within, shut the door, and commune with the Inner Christ. (“Make it so!”)

This can be the literal seasonal approach of Winter Solstice, a time of life that seems barren and bleak, or an epoch or age coming to an end in the world, or perhaps the strangeness of the Cosmos itself unfolding in unanticipated ways - at the darkest hour of the longest night. But whatever “Winter” may mean, it’s always a good time to make contact with, or better yet, abide with the Light Within - the Inner Christ - and weather the storm while “precipitating” and anticipating a new Reality.

Precipitating Reality

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