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Publishing Your Art

Blog: #74 of 95 by Eric Maisel

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February 15th, 2013 - 01:54 PM

Artists are confronted by many different ways of “publishing” their art nowadays. What are the pros and cons of these new opportunities? Let’s take a look!

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Publishing Your Art

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04:12 PM

Fresno, CA

Nice article and I am glad the artist had such a positive experience. Unfortunately I wasn't able to evaluate the article because there wasn't a cost comparission of how much she paid to have the art published vs how much the buyers paid her. Without that kind of comparission, it is impossible to tell if it would be worth it or not financially.


05:35 AM

Lille, Nord

Thank you for the quality of your article in France it is different, the best way to publish his paintings is to use his personal blog. it works better than publishing in a virtual gallery. cordially