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RTRP Continuing Education Maintains Your Expertise In The Complex Tax World

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September 26th, 2012 - 07:20 AM

Becoming an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer is no insignificant feat, now you need to keep your skills honed by following RTRP continuing education. You might already be familiar with our exam course, and if you registered with us you are very aware that we take your success in the tax field very seriously by providing you with information you must know, and this attitude also prevails in our continuing education.

Your qualifications are at risk if the IRS finds you lagging by not staying current, but our tax experts keep our RTRP continuing education program up-to-date in real time so that you will never fall behind, and the hours you spend online can be applied to your CE requirements as we are approved by the IRS. To take the time to pour through volumes of literature to stay current is often not feasible with the schedule you already have, which is why we do all the sifting of information for you in our RTRP continuing education program and provide review questions, quiz banks and test simulations to conveniently keep your tax knowledge in top form.

Your bread and butter is dependent on you being informed of the latest tax rules, but if publications are relied on, the information you use may be out of date which is why our RTRP continuing education program remedies that by giving updates in real time. Just as much as you are a professional, we have a complement of CPAs and tax experts maintaining our website because our reputation is built from what our subscribers think about us, and we want you to be confident that we are a prime source for tax information. One of the websites that people find helpful on this issue is Wikipedia.

There are four sections of the RTRP continuing education program from which to choose: Introduction to Form 1040 Series is a 12-18 hour course and includes online training videos, online textbooks, practice test and quiz bank; Tax Law Updates Course that presents all the latest tax reforms and changes for the current tax season, as well as focusing on individual tax returns; Circular 230 Updates Course that examines how tax laws have been interpreted by the court system and tax professionals' ethical obligations; and Ex-Patriot Returns Course that looks into tax filing by Americans living outside the country.

By subscribing to our RTRP continuing education program is an excellent way to stay informed and earn your hours to remain certified as a registered tax preparer, and we invite you to visit us online soon. Be prepared to respond when you are quizzed by your friends and families about this by going to this web page.

Casey Pauline

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