RTRP Continuing Education Maintains Your Expertise In The Intricate Tax World

June Moody

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September 26th, 2012 - 01:08 PM

RTRP Continuing Education Maintains Your Expertise In The Intricate Tax World

By being a Registered Tax Return Preparer you are aware that to remain IRS certified you have to stay on top of your field, and Registered Tax Return Preparer continuing education is the ideal method to do that. If you are already acquainted with us through our RTRP exam course you are aware that it is our purpose to see you succeed as demonstrated with our pass guarantee, and we apply that same enthusiasm to our continuing education.

As the IRS makes tax changes on a regular basis, it enforces that its tax preparers stay current with the latest rules and regulations, and our RTRP continuing education program includes all the pertinent information, and the IRS permits those hours you spend to go toward maintaining your credentials. We know that finding the time is not always easy in this line of work, and that is why we provide our RTRP continuing education program online so that you can decide when the time is right to go through our quiz banks, review questions and test simulations.

As the IRS tweaks this country's tax laws on almost a yearly basis, many publications cannot keep up with being timely, whereas our RTRP continuing education program has the changes as they happen by being updated in real time so that you are never left in the dark with some outdated tax rule. Our staff of tax experts are primed to keep our information timely because, as we said before, our prime interest is to keep you on the top of your field, and by viewing our website you will soon realize that we are a formidable source of tax particulars. For even more wonderful options on this topic, you can look at Photobucket.

We offer a variety of courses in our RTRP continuing education program: Introduction to Form 1040 Series that relies on online training videos and online publications, practice test and a quiz bank that can be completed in 12-18 hours; Tax Law Updates Course that gives the latest updates and revisions made by the IRS and how they affect individual tax returns; Circular 230 Updates Course that presents the rulings from actual court cases and how they have become precedents; and Ex-Patriots Returns Course that examines the filing of returns by Americans making an income outside the country.

We are proud to provide experts with this level of RTRP continuing education, and we hope that you discover the advantages of enrolling in our program due to its timeliness, ease of use and application of CE hours to your profile. Get complete information about this on Fuller Tax Preparer Training.


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