Sparrows Gift 1881

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October 6th, 2012 - 04:57 PM

Sparrows Gift 1881

Sparrows Gift 1881 is an illustration of avarice . . . and it's a curiously fascinating restoration that has been reproduced in our '18th and 19th Century Japanese Prints' gallery of vintage art from the orient . . .

"Sparrows Gift 1881" . . . An old woman carrying a large basket. It is a gift from a sparrow whose tongue she cut. She thinks it is full of treasure but it really holds demons. A page from the series, Yoshitoshi Manga (Comics by Yoshitoshi). From an original 19th century (1881) woodcut, Shitakiri suzume, by Taiso Yoshitoshi. All Rights Reserved 2012 padre art . . .

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This intriguing image can be found (with hundreds of other vintage woodcuts and drawings), lovingly restored and reproduced in high resolution, as designs for unique gift ideas in our online store, 'Padre Art Prints' . . . Sparrows Gift 1881



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