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The importance of attitude.

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June 2nd, 2013 - 07:02 PM

I read to many artists comments in discussions,with negative overtones" I have not sold a work",,and other crying in your milk scenarios. This is fine when its private, but in truth no one care's,and furthermore no one wants to hear it. For an artist who wants to sell their work its pretty much suicide. Try to always be upbeat,and enthusiastic even if you don't feel that way. Becoming a member of many social media sites I've noticed this to be true,and though I commiserate with them as a not always successful artist myself, I can't help noticing
that I have much more success acting like an artist thats on top of his game,than a sad sack who's disillusioned, or seeking sympathy. So my advice is to put on a sunny face,even if its raining,and keep a professional demeanor. Good luck,and remember to have fun.

The importance of attitude.

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