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Tina A Stoffel Arts insights

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February 25th, 2014 - 02:20 PM

This blog will contain updates on current projects, help for fellow artists and a little insight into my world. As I stated on my profile, I love Nature, Art, and Music. You will see that reflected in my art.

On a sad note, a couple of weeks ago, I lost my poor sweet Black Labrador Retriever, named Thunder, of 15 yrs. It broke my heart. I was almost finished with the "Sailboat In The Ocean Breeze Painting" when he went downhill. About a week later, I forced myself to pick up that paintbrush and finish the the sailboat that completed the painting which happens to be a gift for my dear sweet Mom. Now, don't get me wrong, I love painting like you wouldn't believe, but the loss was so traumatic for me that I could hardly function.

What happened next was that my family was feeling very empty without our dog, Thunder. I was reluctant to get another because of the hurt, but I decided to adopt not one, but two dogs this week from a high kill shelter. One is a sweet 3 yr old Lab mix, and the other is a 3 month old Lab puppy mix for my children. They are healing my heart more than anything.

My plan was to paint some wildlife next, but I may take a break and paint a portrait of Thunder, the sweet Labrador Retriever I lost. I wasn't planning to paint pets, but now I just have to paint him at some point.

Also, my computer completely locked up on me, so I'm borrowing my kid's computer for now. Ugh! Hope to be back up and running soon. Taking a small break to enjoy the new puppies. See ya soon!

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Tina A Stoffel Arts insights

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09:01 AM

Marietta, GA

Been sick, no paintbrush for a few weeks, but getting ready for my next painting for a school charity event. Yearning to do some new work soon.


09:09 AM

Marietta, GA

Getting better. Just did two new paintings for a school charity fundraiser. Had to do one of them in Acrylics so it will dry fast. I fell to my preference in oils on the second.


02:33 PM

Marietta, GA

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08:50 AM

Marietta, GA

Working on a few new paintings and still fixing my computer that will handle the high def photography load. Hope to post them soon.


08:52 AM

Marietta, GA

New works coming soon!


08:49 PM

Marietta, GA

Early Black Friday Promotion, 50% off my Fine Art America commission. Enter Discount Code: BXCNJF Whether you are in the US or abroad, hope you have a safe happy holiday.


03:06 PM

Marietta, GA

Shopping for Black Friday? Use this code to get 50% off my commission today and tomorrow only.


10:08 AM

Marietta, GA

Special one time Cyber Week Promotion: Take 60% off my commission on all my work through December 8, 2013. Use Discount code YASTTV when checking out. Happy Holidays!


11:49 PM

Marietta, GA

I'm currently posting my blog here: in an effort to expand my reach outside Fine Art Amierca. Thank You


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Marietta, GA

My latest blog entry. Discussing my latest painting "Autumn's Golden Glow" and the drying time and process of oil paints.


01:05 PM

Marietta, GA

My latest blog post about my recent Caring Angel painting and the related Cancer Charities I've chose.


02:22 PM

Marietta, GA

After reviewing my initial blog entry from a few months ago, I have not managed to get to wildlife or the painting of my late Black Lab Thunder due to several commission requests which I am thrilled to have on my easel. It will probably keep me busy until summer. Here is my latest blog update on my recent commissioned painting, Beach Dreams:


01:04 PM

Marietta, GA

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