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Tip of the Day

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July 20th, 2013 - 10:35 AM

Thanks so much for visiting...WOW what an impressive week of visitors from all over the world. Tip of the day for those looking to increase visitors to your own page. The average lifespan of a post is about 3 hours. What does that mean... it means that others will post and yours may get lost in the shuffle. Solution? Post at least three times a day if possible. Catch the early risers, or folks outside of your time zone. Catch the folks on their lunch breaks and finally spend a few minutes in the evening engaging with your visitors. Make sure to tactfully share something about yourself so they remain connected...your fans will appreciate your honesty. Love to all, no trees were harmed in the posting of this message; however, several million electrons may have been inconvenienced

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Tip of the Day

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