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To Have a Successful Art Business You NEED Some Business Moxy

Blog: #52 of 72 by Neil McKenzie

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September 13th, 2013 - 08:00 PM

If you sell your art you are in business! Whether you are just selling your art as a hobby, to make extra income or you are going all out in your art business you need to learn about business. More than likely you went to art school and not business school but don’t worry the learning about business is not out of your reach. One of the things I have found in teaching business to hundreds of students is that those with an art background did not have a problem “getting it” and in many respects excel because of their creative talents.

Hopefully since you are reading this blog I probably don’t have to convince you that business skills are an important part of any creative career whether you are in business for yourself or you work for someone. The business world has changed and many of the things that have worked in the past may be less effective or not effective at all. Having a good grasp on how business works will help ensure the success of your creative enterprise or make you more valuable to your employer.

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To Have a Successful Art Business You NEED Some Business Moxy

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02:32 PM

Westland, MI

Thank you so much for the direction. I have been running in circles for about two years, and you have pointed me to a road I can follow.


01:44 PM

Centennial, CO

Arthur, I am glad I could help! There are many business resources that are available to artists and it seems like there are more new ones every day. Good luck and best wishes.