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Top 10 Things You Learn at a Texas Art Festival

Blog: #1 of 14 by Elizabeth Dawson

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December 13th, 2010 - 09:19 AM

1. There is never too much bling for a country girl.

2. People's dogs are like their babies... and they will carry them around and dress them up as such.

3. People will never buy a $100 item but they will buy 100 of a $1.00 item.

4. There are some people who will pass up original fine art to buy a framed poster of Willie Nelson... (seriously where would you hang that???)

5. Even in the middle of winter, young ladies are not afraid to have most of their skin exposed.

6. Whoever came up with Pillow Pets is a genius.

7. People are never afraid to haggle or try to negotiate a lower price.

8. Only at a Texas Art Fair will you see a gentleman with actual spurs on even though the closest thing to a cow he has ever gotten near is a hamburger at McDonald's.

9. Anything sporting the local school colors is going to be a hot commodity.

10. Only at a Texas Art Festival will you see a hamburger selling for $8...and people will actually buy it!!!

Top 10 Things You Learn at a Texas Art Festival

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02:33 PM

Huntsville, AL

You are my hero! I love this. I must say that I enjoyed this immensely. Great!