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Tribute to Alfa and Beta

Blog: #18 of 18 by Oiyee At Oystudio

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December 5th, 2011 - 11:12 PM

I wasn't going to start a blog since I figured it might be too time consuming. But then I just read the blog of my artist friend, Jeanne Wood, and I thought to myself: "hey, that's really interesting! It ties the viewer to the artist with a closer bond". So I decided to start this blog, and with this being my alfa post, I am going to feature my pet bettas, Alfa and Beta.

Alfa and Beta are the pet fishies my husband bought to keep me company while I was stuck at home recovering from my cervical spine injury. Alfa is the red one and he loves to float at the top. Beta is the blue fella and always hangs at the bottom. They are in separate tanks since they are both males and would fight each other to death if kept in one tank.

I didn't venture out and was usually stuck at home recovering from my injury. I would feed them 3 times a day, and watch them blow bubbles. That's when I decided to paint them. Since they were my only live models, I would change their colours or change their looks as if I had a whole school of fish models ^.^

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I painted "Betta Bubble" in the midst of winter, being out of commission and confined at home, I felt like my betta fish, gazing at the world from my window like my betta fish looking out from its tiny tank.

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I painted "More Bubbles" with Alfa being the model. I felt like my betta fish, being cooped up at home recovering from the injury, I tried to have as much fun as possible in the confined space just like my fish blowing bubbles in its tiny tank. Injecting all the colours in the painting actually helped cheer myself up.

That's why my first blog post is a tribute to my fishies, who have helped me through the difficult times. Thank you, Alfa & Beta!

Tribute to Alfa and Beta

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10:19 PM

Kamloops, BC

Love your Blog Oiyee! It's so well written and I really enjoyed reading about your fish friends :) Hope you are healing well and wishing you many years of good health.


10:47 PM

Toronto, ON

Thanks a lot for your well wishes, Jeanne ^.^


12:12 AM

Miami Beach, FL

Very nice introduction of Alpha and Beta, which you beautifuly characterized on your artwork. I was reading your blog and suddenly some tears start dropping down my face when I read about your cervical injury... but you are such a positive woman, and so talented, that I will conclude my comment with a smile, because I know by heart that you are a strong woman, and you will be alright!


08:57 PM

Toronto, ON

Wow, I'm so touched by your comment, E. Thank you so much! I've recovered very well in these two and half years. I'm about 90% there , yippee !