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Underwater Ballet Of The Jellyfish 2

Blog: #33 of 38 by Bob Christopher

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January 13th, 2013 - 12:03 PM

Here a single Jellyfish takes center stage. In this aquarium there is a giant tank with several hundred Jellies floating/swimming gently about the space...quite a sight. Every once in awhile I was able to focus in on a single one like this.
Part of the difficulty of making images at an aquarium stems from the fact that you must shoot through thick glass. The lighing in the tank wasn't the problem but rather the reflections from the lighting in the room where I was standing. The solution comes in a couple of parts. First, wear dark white t-shirts etc. Second, stand close to the glass...even put your lens with your lens hood right on the glass without changing your focal length on your zoom lens if you are using one. Third, watch for any reflections or specular highlights in the frame as these are difficult or impossible to remove in post processing.

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Underwater Ballet Of The Jellyfish 2

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