What Art Customers Want

Eric Maisel

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March 21st, 2014 - 01:22 PM

What Art Customers Want

Are you creating what you want or what your customers want? Read on!

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11 Months Ago


I read your article and i actually see some senses in some of the points pointed out.thanks for taking time to write it.

Jeni Bate

11 Months Ago

Salton City, CA

Very good food for thought, Eric. It is something that I have been pondering for awhile as though people seem to love a lot of my work... it's still not what they want. The big quandary is indeed how to go in a slightly different direction and capture a bigger/better/different/more viable market, but without compromising the message of what I want/need/live to say with my artwork, or necessarily needing to create a whole new body of work before going to market.