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Wildlife Photographers Cheap Access

Blog: #21 of 33 by Frank Feliciano

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June 5th, 2013 - 07:26 AM

As many of you already know some of the best places for capturing wild life images are our national and state parks and refuge systems. The animals at these locations are protected and in most cases in their natural habitat. Access is usually inexpensive, as opposed to “theme parks” that are outrageously priced and the animals are not in their own environment.
However, if you visit these parks and refuge areas on a regular basis it can get expensive. The solution to the national parks is a simple one, BUY A DUCK STAMP from the Federal Duck Stamp Office. This allows one access to all kinds of federal lands where, you as a photographer, can go in and capture wildlife images to your heart’s content for a mere $17 and change including taxes. One can purchase the stamps on line, at hunting and fishing stores, even at Wal-Mart.
The online URL is:
The money collected from the stamps goes right back into the preservation of and purchase of additional lands for the protection of the wildlife and the recreation of the visitors. The stamp is good for one year from June to June. So now is the time to purchase next year’s stamp, which reminds me.
On the Florida side of this equation is the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Recreation. They have a similar program which if you access the state park system on a regular basis is worth the money. Their cost is a little higher, but well worth the investment, at about $80 for an individual pass and $120 for the family plan for one year as well. You can purchase passes at your local park or online.
For a list of Florida parks try this URL:
From there you can get additional information on parks near where you live or where you are going to be traveling near. They provide specific information on activities available including camping and lodging if available.
I always purchase a pass to both systems and always feel like I got my money’s worth. The rangers and volunteers at these facilities are always helpful and knowledgeable about the wildlife in their facilities. For those of you in other states, check with your state’s parks department to see what is available for you.
So take a walk on the wild side and don’t forget to bring plenty of water and bug spray and remember: only to leave foot prints behind. Oh and just because these critters are in a protected refuge does not mean that they are tame, they are in their natural habitat and are wild and potentially dangerous, so don’t try to pet or feed them, or you may become their next meal…

Wildlife Photographers Cheap Access

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06:24 PM

Lakeland, FL

There is also a pass called America the Beautiful. A senior citizen can purchase it for about $10 per year. I don't really know much about it except it is a national parks pass and allows us free entry into Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Canaveral National Seashore.


07:21 AM

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Carol, I will look into that as well.


07:33 AM

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks to Carol I went to the Federal Park Service and there is a cheaper way to access the parks and recreation areas for senior citizens it is only $10 for a lifetime pass. The URL is:


10:10 AM

Lemoore, CA

Retired military and those serving on active duty are granted free access to all national parks in the United States. Just present your military I.D. and you'll be given an annual pass at the gate.


10:27 AM

Delhi, Delhi

It is nice to know that such a system exists. Here in India, as far as my knowledge goes, there is no such system and entries into the national parks and tiger reserves are pretty expensive. One has to book seats for gypsies a month or two in advance because limited number of vehicles are allowed entries into the parks per day.


08:18 AM

Tallahassee, FL

Jeffrey, thanks for the comment, I sent my son to get his after your post. I hadn't even thought about that possibility.