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Words Be Your Guide

Blog: #17 of 39 by Melissa Stinson-Borg

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April 22nd, 2012 - 03:05 PM

I decided to create a new piece based on a word. I closed my eyes, opened my dictionary and let it fall open. The first word I saw on the page was to be my inspiration.

For me, the word was inky. So I listed all the things that word brought to mind.

Dark, Blot, Tacky, Sticky, Messy, Deep colors, Spill, Accident

From there I opened up Illustrator and let those words guide me. First thing on the page ink spilling out. With ink comes the pen. I created an old fashion calligraphy pen. The picture still wasnít right so I added a writing paper. When thereís paper, ink, and pen, in my world there must be words. A love letter didnít feel right but I let my fingers do the walking and this letter from a guardian angel come flowing out. But with only part of it showing because we donít always understand that quiet messages we are told.

Words Be Your Guide

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