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Contest - Winter






8:02:56 AM

Meaghan Troup 

New Submission

Meaghan Troup added Evident to the contest!

8:01:57 AM

Mukul Dhankhar 

New Submission

Mukul Dhankhar added Best Friends Forever to the contest!

7:53:14 AM

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom 

New Submission

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom added The Beauty of Winter to the contest!

7:41:57 AM

Loni Collins 

New Submission

Loni Collins added Red Barn 1 to the contest!

6:50:32 AM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Clover at Seasons First Snowfall to the contest!

6:13:52 AM

Ginger Harris 

New Submission

Ginger Harris added Old Barn Winter to the contest!

5:09:54 AM

Cheri Randolph 

New Submission

Cheri Randolph added The Red Castle to the contest!

4:52:28 AM

Matthias Hauser 

New Submission

Matthias Hauser added Aquarell - Beautiful winter landscape with trees and house to the contest!

3:14:27 AM

Linda Simon 

New Submission

Linda Simon added Frosty Frolic to the contest!

3:01:22 AM

Stuart Turnbull 

New Submission

Stuart Turnbull added Verdant creek - Winter 6 to the contest!

2:28:09 AM

Shasta Eone 

New Submission

Shasta Eone added WINTER DAWN to the contest!

2:14:42 AM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added Natures Ice Sculptures1 to the contest!

1:43:58 AM

Roy Anthony Kaelin 

New Submission

Roy Anthony Kaelin added The Path Less Traveled to the contest!

1:06:43 AM

Shirley Sirois 

New Submission

Shirley Sirois added The Essential Pause to the contest!

12:56:27 AM

Patricia Januszkiewicz 

New Submission

Patricia Januszkiewicz added Snow Gate to the contest!

12:32:48 AM

Nyla Alisia 

New Submission

Nyla Alisia added Run With Wolves to the contest!

12:31:26 AM

Sam Amato 

New Submission

Sam Amato added Christmas Morning to the contest!

12:22:01 AM

M Diane Bonaparte 

New Submission

M Diane Bonaparte added Snow Day in El Dorado to the contest!

12:18:32 AM

Linda Rich 

New Submission

Linda Rich added Beyond the frost to the contest!

11:24:46 PM

Lucia Grilletto 

New Submission

Lucia Grilletto added Winter Moonlight In The Country to the contest!

10:53:31 PM

Zina Stromberg 

New Submission

Zina Stromberg added snow winter to the contest!

10:22:12 PM

Laura Lee Zanghetti 

New Submission

Laura Lee Zanghetti added Winter Walk to the contest!

10:14:03 PM

Eddie Eastwood 

New Submission

Eddie Eastwood added Snowy Sammamish River Bothell Washington to the contest!

9:38:51 PM

Jonathan Barnes 

New Submission

Jonathan Barnes added Winter Lemons to the contest!

9:04:17 PM

Inge Riis McDonald 

New Submission

Inge Riis McDonald added Forgotten to the contest!

9:03:44 PM

Jason Politte 

New Submission

Jason Politte added Geese on Golden Pond to the contest!

7:50:40 PM

Gerald Strine 

New Submission

Gerald Strine added Snow Old Man Winter to the contest!

7:44:33 PM

Janine Riley 

New Submission

Janine Riley added Kids are home to the contest!

7:27:38 PM

Cricket Hackmann 

New Submission

Cricket Hackmann added Winter Wonderland to the contest!

7:09:00 PM

Ramona Johnston 

New Submission

Ramona Johnston added Christmas in the Rockies to the contest!

6:09:16 PM

Randy J Heath 

New Submission

Randy J Heath added Belle Isle Conservatory pond 2 to the contest!

5:13:55 PM

Bakhtiar Umataliev 

New Submission

Bakhtiar Umataliev added Snow in Donnington to the contest!

4:40:45 PM

Richard Bryce and Family 

New Submission

Richard Bryce and Family added Frozen Leaf to the contest!

3:03:23 PM

Jenny Rainbow 

New Submission

Jenny Rainbow added Winter Loneliness to the contest!

2:26:21 PM

Samantha Glaze 

New Submission

Samantha Glaze added Winter Trail to the contest!

1:42:15 PM

Russell Styles 

New Submission

Russell Styles added The borderline of truth to the contest!

1:02:38 PM

Theresa Tahara 

New Submission

Theresa Tahara added FEBRUARY SNOW to the contest!

11:47:13 AM

Anthony Citro 

New Submission

Anthony Citro added Snowfall Sunset to the contest!

10:57:19 AM

Desline Vitto 

New Submission

Desline Vitto added Crystal Day Road to Conference House Staten Island NY to the contest!

10:47:41 AM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Walking Home to the contest!

10:03:58 AM

Leena Blom-Hilden 

New Submission

Leena Blom-Hilden added mallard to the contest!

9:02:21 AM

Janie Kraemer 

New Submission

Janie Kraemer added Winter wonderland to the contest!

8:42:40 AM

Marc Mesa 

New Submission

Marc Mesa added Christmas Snow to the contest!

7:32:58 AM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

Sally Weigand added Grand Canyon with snow to the contest!

7:13:24 AM

Sean Griffin 

New Submission

Sean Griffin added Winter Mailbox Panorama to the contest!

6:08:07 AM

Patricia Keller 

New Submission

Patricia Keller added Viva Zapata Contratercero Dances in the Snow to the contest!

5:48:02 AM

Linde Townsend 

New Submission

Linde Townsend added Lone Tree to the contest!

3:13:18 AM

Jukka Nopsanen 

New Submission

Jukka Nopsanen added A Burden to the contest!

2:14:57 AM

Saul Moreno 

New Submission

Saul Moreno added Trap in Ice to the contest!

1:45:23 AM

Caroline Reyes 

New Submission

Caroline Reyes added Winter to the contest!

12:51:51 AM

Philip G 

New Submission

Philip G added Winter to the contest!

11:58:01 PM

Wilfrido Limvalencia 

New Submission

Wilfrido Limvalencia added Once Upon A Winter to the contest!

11:13:44 PM

Rudi Prott 

New Submission

Rudi Prott added Hohenzollern Castle 2 to the contest!

10:54:31 PM

Milan Kalkan 

New Submission

Milan Kalkan added Blue Mountain to the contest!

10:09:13 PM

Jim Sauchyn 

New Submission

Jim Sauchyn added Winter Solitude to the contest!

10:02:27 PM

John Malone Fine Arts 

New Submission

John Malone Fine Arts added Its Not Over Till Its Over to the contest!

9:56:10 PM

Betty-Anne McDonald 

New Submission

Betty-Anne McDonald added Canal Skate to the contest!

9:51:05 PM

Gene Walls 

New Submission

Gene Walls added Icicles Decorate R. B. Ricketts Waterfall to the contest!

9:41:24 PM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added Cincinnati Reflects to the contest!

9:14:25 PM

Nabucodonosor Perez 

New Submission

Nabucodonosor Perez added Winter fence to the contest!

9:01:42 PM

Nancy Campbell 

New Submission

Nancy Campbell added Winter Morning to the contest!

8:15:08 PM

Emanuel Tanjala 

New Submission

Emanuel Tanjala added Cold days to the contest!

7:40:06 PM

Tanna Lee M Wells 

New Submission

Tanna Lee M Wells added Affection in the Wild to the contest!

7:19:47 PM

Lori Quillen 

New Submission

Lori Quillen added Valley Rain and Fog to the contest!

6:43:49 PM

Sheila Diemert 

New Submission

Sheila Diemert added Winter Shadows in Bechtel Park to the contest!

6:21:54 PM

Terri Waters 

New Submission

Terri Waters added Icy Ivy to the contest!

5:48:51 PM

Barbara D Richards 

New Submission

Barbara D Richards added Surviving in Yellowstone to the contest!

5:06:43 PM

AEryn Arquette 

New Submission

AEryn Arquette added Chain Link Frost to the contest!

4:24:11 PM

Karen Ahuja 

New Submission

Karen Ahuja added Winter Berries to the contest!

4:17:45 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Dressed in White Mount Shuksan to the contest!

3:34:35 PM

Marina Likholat 

New Submission

Marina Likholat added Color of winter to the contest!

3:33:09 PM

Ann Whitfield 

New Submission

Ann Whitfield added Christmas Cross to the contest!

3:05:00 PM

Marta Rodriguez 

New Submission

Marta Rodriguez added Saint Kevin Cemetery to the contest!

1:57:04 PM

M Marquette 

New Submission

M Marquette added First Snowfall to the contest!

1:27:26 PM

Greg Matchick 

New Submission

Greg Matchick added Fresh Snow and Reflections in a Japanese Garden 1 to the contest!

12:47:06 PM

Robert Crooker 

New Submission

Robert Crooker added Snow Trees to the contest!

12:27:39 PM

Gail Finger 

New Submission

Gail Finger added Christmas Snow to the contest!

12:05:18 PM

Wide Awake Arts 

New Submission

Wide Awake Arts added New Year In White to the contest!

11:58:54 AM

Mini Arora 

New Submission

Mini Arora added Winter Scene to the contest!

11:39:12 AM

Luke Moore 

New Submission

Luke Moore added Snowy Crossing to the contest!

11:31:27 AM

Sylvia Schwartz 

New Submission

Sylvia Schwartz added Winter Beach 1 to the contest!

11:26:50 AM

Joan A Hamilton 

New Submission

Joan A Hamilton added Crooked Little Creek to the contest!

10:51:46 AM

Paul Sachtleben 

New Submission

Paul Sachtleben added Winter Fog to the contest!

9:15:07 AM

Tannis Baldwin 

New Submission

Tannis Baldwin added Winter Wonderland to the contest!

9:14:17 AM

Juergen Roth 

New Submission

Juergen Roth added Snow Dreams to the contest!

8:09:14 AM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added Alaskan Splendor to the contest!

4:32:29 AM

Marie De vita 

New Submission

Marie De vita added WINTER IN BC to the contest!

4:05:36 AM

Dragica Micki Fortuna 

New Submission

Dragica Micki Fortuna added Village in winter to the contest!

3:44:40 AM

Martin Davey 

New Submission

Martin Davey added children snow sleigh ride to the contest!

3:35:41 AM

Steed Edwards 

New Submission

Steed Edwards added Beneath the Ice to the contest!

3:01:30 AM

Valerie Howell 

New Submission

Valerie Howell added White Out to the contest!

12:29:13 AM

Adam Pender 

New Submission

Adam Pender added Red Rock Glow to the contest!

12:21:33 AM

Victoria Sheldon 

New Submission

Victoria Sheldon added House In A Snow Storm to the contest!

11:51:20 PM

Janice Spivey 

New Submission

Janice Spivey added Night Light to the contest!

10:51:04 PM

Wendy Munandi 

New Submission

Wendy Munandi added Snowy to the contest!

10:50:47 PM

Jennifer Eddiba 

New Submission

Jennifer Eddiba added Winter Walk to the contest!

10:16:20 PM

Debi Dmytryshyn 

New Submission

Debi Dmytryshyn added Winter Oasis to the contest!

8:40:25 PM

Chris Bajon Jones 

New Submission

Chris Bajon Jones added Winter Tranquility to the contest!

6:51:54 PM

Samuel Zylstra 

New Submission

Samuel Zylstra added Birches to the contest!

6:30:35 PM

Julia Springer 

New Submission

Julia Springer added Snow on Back Alley - Shepherdstown to the contest!