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Contest - Colors of Autumn Any Medium






7:37:32 AM

Scott Holmes 

New Submission

Scott Holmes added Autumn to the contest!

7:10:05 AM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Autumn at Heritage to the contest!

6:57:23 AM

Brian Harig 

New Submission

Brian Harig added Colorful Colorado to the contest!

6:36:37 AM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Gleaning the Autumn Pollen to the contest!

6:22:13 AM

Kim Hojnacki 

New Submission

Kim Hojnacki added As The Leaves Fall to the contest!

5:44:24 AM

Lalita Singh 

New Submission

Lalita Singh added flower arround me to the contest!

5:19:36 AM

Guy Ricketts 

New Submission

Guy Ricketts added The Rainbow Tree to the contest!

3:45:25 AM

Georgiana Romanovna 

New Submission

Georgiana Romanovna added Romance In Autumn to the contest!

2:05:09 AM

Daniel Furon 

New Submission

Daniel Furon added Apples to the contest!

1:57:47 AM

Shasta Eone 

New Submission

Shasta Eone added Lost Creek Bridge to the contest!

1:32:43 AM

Sue Stefanowicz 

New Submission

Sue Stefanowicz added Maple At First Light to the contest!

1:30:10 AM

Phyllis Howard 

New Submission

Phyllis Howard added Crescent Maze to the contest!

1:11:32 AM

Cathy Kovarik 

New Submission

Cathy Kovarik added Misty Wood to the contest!

1:07:06 AM

Patricia Januszkiewicz 

New Submission

Patricia Januszkiewicz added Petals to the contest!

1:06:52 AM

Daniele Smith 

New Submission

Daniele Smith added Autumn Leaf to the contest!

1:02:30 AM

Mary Giacomini 

New Submission

Mary Giacomini added Endurance to the contest!

12:34:26 AM

Katie Wing Vigil 

New Submission

Katie Wing Vigil added Autumn in Virginia to the contest!

11:50:25 PM

Jennie Marie Schell 

New Submission

Jennie Marie Schell added Autumn Leaves in Water to the contest!

11:44:25 PM

Diane Ferguson 

New Submission

Diane Ferguson added Plant Portrait II to the contest!

11:39:55 PM

Charline Xia 

New Submission

Charline Xia added Maple Leaf and Fall Color to the contest!

11:36:39 PM

David Campione 

New Submission

David Campione added Autumn colors to the contest!

11:35:16 PM

Lesa Weller 

New Submission

Lesa Weller added Fall Celebration to the contest!

11:25:06 PM

Sarah Buechler 

New Submission

Sarah Buechler added Autumn's Radiance to the contest!

11:23:32 PM

Marilyn Smith 

New Submission

Marilyn Smith added Gold In Colorado to the contest!

11:18:27 PM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added Autumn Leaves Closeup to the contest!

10:40:10 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold to the contest!

10:25:35 PM

Sharon Elliott 

New Submission

Sharon Elliott added Fall Beauty to the contest!

10:11:25 PM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added A Blustery Autumn Day to the contest!

9:58:14 PM

Darleen Stry 

New Submission

Darleen Stry added Java Falls in Autumn to the contest!

9:55:17 PM

Colin Clancy 

New Submission

Colin Clancy added Sunset Waves to the contest!

9:48:52 PM

Nava Thompson 

New Submission

Nava Thompson added Colorful Hawk to the contest!

9:18:11 PM

Shawn Carroll 

New Submission

Shawn Carroll added Spring of Fall to the contest!

9:12:38 PM

Laurinda Bowling 

New Submission

Laurinda Bowling added Autumn Glow to the contest!

9:03:33 PM

Greg Nyquist 

New Submission

Greg Nyquist added Maroon Bells in Autumn to the contest!

9:02:01 PM

Angie Rea 

New Submission

Angie Rea added It's Autumn in the Forest to the contest!

8:43:35 PM

Tina Osterhoudt 

New Submission

Tina Osterhoudt added Storm KIng Foliage to the contest!

7:56:46 PM

Phil Koch 

New Submission

Phil Koch added Canopy to the contest!

6:54:11 PM

Russell Clenney 

New Submission

Russell Clenney added Autumn Tree to the contest!

6:48:34 PM

Nicola Butt 

New Submission

Nicola Butt added Autumn Glow to the contest!

6:27:29 PM

Sami Tiainen 

New Submission

Sami Tiainen added Autumn Circle to the contest!

6:25:32 PM

Masami Iida 

New Submission

MASAMI IIDA added Ryuzu Waterfall to the contest!

6:09:41 PM

CGHepburn Scenic Photos 

New Submission

CGHepburn Scenic Photos added Fall Color On The White to the contest!

5:52:45 PM

Chrisann Ellis 

New Submission

Chrisann Ellis added Fall Season ..Swirling In... to the contest!

5:16:46 PM

Cassinda Downey 

New Submission

Cassinda Downey added Hermes to the contest!

5:01:05 PM

Lara Ellis 

New Submission

Lara Ellis added Fall Colors Nuthatch to the contest!

4:59:19 PM

Celine Pollard 

New Submission

Celine Pollard added Forest Carpet to the contest!

3:42:54 PM

Lynn Bauer 

New Submission

Lynn Bauer added Road to Glory to the contest!

3:39:02 PM

Rose Szautner 

New Submission

Rose Szautner added Bridge Over Placid Waters to the contest!

3:23:30 PM

Suni Roveto 

New Submission

Suni Roveto added COVERED BRIDGE to the contest!

3:08:03 PM

Erica Hanel 

New Submission

Erica Hanel added Harvest Moon to the contest!

2:58:25 PM

Katja Zuske 

New Submission

Katja Zuske added Golden Maple to the contest!

2:20:14 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Fall Forest Floor study by jrr to the contest!

1:23:39 PM

Kat Hall 

New Submission

Kat Hall added Leaf Peeper to the contest!

1:18:49 PM

Jason Pickens 

New Submission

Jason Pickens added Aspen Love to the contest!

1:10:52 PM

Caroline Stella 

New Submission

Caroline Stella added Gold on Brick to the contest!

12:31:29 PM

Sarah Loft 

New Submission

Sarah Loft added Chrysanthemum in Red and Yellow to the contest!

12:28:05 PM

Nancie DeMellia 

New Submission

Nancie DeMellia added Take a Stroll to the contest!

12:25:44 PM

Jefferson Hobbs 

New Submission

Jefferson Hobbs added Fall Path to the contest!

11:17:09 AM

James Hammen 

New Submission

James Hammen added Autumn Radiance to the contest!

10:25:51 AM

Thomas Marchessault 

New Submission

Thomas Marchessault added Lake Helene and Fall Foliage to the contest!

10:10:44 AM

Tanya Tanski 

New Submission

Tanya Tanski added Believing.... to the contest!

9:42:04 AM

Alfredo Gonzalez 

New Submission

Alfredo Gonzalez added Leaf #1 to the contest!

9:41:18 AM

Sheila Diemert 

New Submission

Sheila Diemert added Sunday Drive to the contest!

9:21:10 AM

Leah Moore 

New Submission

Leah Moore added Stained Glass of Autumn to the contest!

8:47:35 AM

Jakub Sisak 

New Submission

Jakub Sisak added Fall Colours in the Squaw Bay Fallen Rock to the contest!

8:33:13 AM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Fall Leaf Collage to the contest!

7:49:43 AM

Theresa Tahara 

New Submission

Theresa Tahara added FROST TOUCHED to the contest!

7:34:09 AM

Shari Nees 

New Submission

Shari Nees added Majestic to the contest!

7:13:58 AM

Jan Bickerton 

New Submission

Jan Bickerton added Three to the contest!

5:52:16 AM

Liz Stott 

New Submission

Liz Stott added Leaf to the contest!

4:43:25 AM

Susan Capuano 

New Submission

Susan Capuano added Against the Wind to the contest!

3:47:53 AM

Gun Legler 

New Submission

Gun Legler added Colors of Autumn to the contest!

3:04:42 AM

Carolyn Marshall 

New Submission

Carolyn Marshall added Autumn Leaves of Gold to the contest!

1:51:22 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Autumn at Steenberg to the contest!

1:20:34 AM

Cynthia Lassiter 

New Submission

Cynthia Lassiter added Golden Autumn to the contest!

12:53:29 AM

Corrie Knerr 

New Submission

Corrie Knerr added Country Sunflowers to the contest!

12:39:11 AM

Jukka Nopsanen 

New Submission

Jukka Nopsanen added Four Seasons to the contest!

12:05:58 AM

Leaetta Mitchell 

New Submission

Leaetta Mitchell added The Red leaves of Autumn to the contest!

11:36:10 PM

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom 

New Submission

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom added Autumn Glory to the contest!

11:34:31 PM

Wayne Stabnaw 

New Submission

Wayne Stabnaw added FALL to the contest!

11:20:13 PM

Carolyn Donnell 

New Submission

Carolyn Donnell added Fall in Santa Clara to the contest!

10:40:05 PM

Meldra Driscoll 

New Submission

Meldra Driscoll added Fall Hide and Seek to the contest!

9:59:33 PM

Sonali Gangane 

New Submission

Sonali Gangane added Resplendent beauty to the contest!

8:57:15 PM

Juergen Roth 

New Submission

Juergen Roth added Black Birch Tree Splendor to the contest!

8:52:05 PM

Alanna Hug-McAnnally 

New Submission

Alanna Hug-McAnnally added Paris Yoli by Alanna to the contest!

8:36:41 PM

Elizabeth Winter 

New Submission

Elizabeth Winter added Fall Reflections to the contest!

7:52:54 PM

Barbara Yearty 

New Submission

Barbara Yearty added Reflections at Sunset to the contest!

7:10:06 PM

Chris Anderson 

New Submission

Chris Anderson added Autumn Americana to the contest!

6:55:36 PM

Dennis Lundell 

New Submission

Dennis Lundell added Ohio Autumn Maples to the contest!

6:04:32 PM

Barbara Pirkle 

New Submission

Barbara Pirkle added Autumn Impressions to the contest!

5:58:05 PM

Lisa Kramer 

New Submission

Lisa Kramer added His Red Abode to the contest!

5:50:12 PM

James Ahn 

New Submission

James Ahn added Fall Colors - Allens Hummingbird to the contest!

5:09:54 PM

Petronela Cretu 

New Submission

Petronela Cretu added Walk on a string to the contest!

4:54:26 PM

Ross Powell 

New Submission

Ross Powell added The Turn in the Road to the contest!

4:44:24 PM

GuitarGeeks Photography 

New Submission

GuitarGeeks Photography added There and Back Again to the contest!

3:48:29 PM

Marina Likholat 

New Submission

Marina Likholat added Autumn to the contest!

3:10:19 PM

Shane Brumfield 

New Submission

Shane Brumfield added Surviving the Apocalypse to the contest!

3:07:19 PM

Ruth MacLeod 

New Submission

Ruth MacLeod added Autumn Ledge to the contest!

3:05:09 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Autumn Lion to the contest!

2:52:16 PM

John Scates 

New Submission

John Scates added Vermont Autumn to the contest!