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Contest - Light Painting with your camera






8:21:36 AM

Mark Alder 

New Submission

Mark Alder added Roses 3 to the contest!

8:04:40 AM

Randy Pollard 

New Submission

Randy Pollard added Wavy to the contest!

4:23:34 AM

Jan Bickerton 

New Submission

Jan Bickerton added Hallucination to the contest!

1:47:59 AM

Sylvie Leandre 

New Submission

Sylvie Leandre added rainbow drops to the contest!

9:10:30 PM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Lightwriting Brooklyn Bridge to the contest!

4:22:44 PM

Joe Kozlowski 

New Submission

Joe Kozlowski added Spirits 5 to the contest!

3:29:34 PM

Darleen Stry 

New Submission

Darleen Stry added Ferris Wheel lit Shades of Green and Blue to the contest!

1:34:10 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Conception to the contest!

12:43:20 PM

Zina Stromberg 

New Submission

Zina Stromberg added Moon in motion to the contest!

11:56:57 AM

Geri Glavis 

New Submission

Geri Glavis added In Your Dreams to the contest!

8:20:00 AM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Sleepwalking... to the contest!

7:32:08 AM

Carolina Liechtenstein 

New Submission

Carolina Liechtenstein added Indigo Wave to the contest!

5:14:18 AM

Stephen Ruane 

New Submission

Stephen Ruane added Pier-ing Into The Past to the contest!

1:25:30 AM

Brooke Clark 

New Submission

Brooke Clark added The Lily and the Light to the contest!

8:02:01 PM

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg 

New Submission

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg added Night At The Mall to the contest!

4:39:43 PM

Hilde Widerberg 

New Submission

Hilde Widerberg added See you with my cat eye and you are looking back to the contest!

4:06:28 PM

Scott Lenhart 

New Submission

Scott Lenhart added Two Geese On Fire Lake to the contest!

12:39:21 PM

Marilyn Martin 

New Submission

Marilyn Martin added Social Whirl to the contest!

12:13:46 PM

Dennis Reagan 

New Submission

Dennis Reagan added Violet Breeze to the contest!

10:09:14 AM

Paul Fell 

New Submission

Paul Fell added Shrine of the Red Rocks to the contest!

1:17:15 AM

Renee Trenholm 

New Submission

Renee Trenholm added Melting Light to the contest!

12:47:34 AM

Adam Pender 

New Submission

Adam Pender added Forest Blur to the contest!

8:38:19 PM

Brian Stevens 

New Submission

Brian Stevens added Old Man's Cave to the contest!

7:59:32 PM

Jennifer Atherton 

New Submission

Jennifer Atherton added Motion and Sound to the contest!

5:35:50 PM

Wendi Matson 

New Submission

Wendi Matson added Distraction to the contest!

5:21:32 PM

Susan Wells 

New Submission

Susan Wells added Aurora Los Angeles to the contest!

5:02:27 PM

Karl Barth 

New Submission

Karl Barth added Lasers and Bourbon to the contest!

2:36:30 PM

Nicholas Evans 

New Submission

Nicholas Evans added Light Waves to the contest!

5:33:09 AM

Catherine Murton 

New Submission

Catherine Murton added Magic Forest to the contest!

9:14:10 PM

David Pantuso 

New Submission

David Pantuso added Tulips - blurred to the contest!

12:07:14 PM

Theresa Tahara 

New Submission

Theresa Tahara added WINTER POPLARS to the contest!

2:38:16 AM

Jenny Rainbow 

New Submission

Jenny Rainbow added Speed to the contest!

1:28:46 PM

Terri Tuazon 

New Submission

Terri Tuazon added Emily's Trees to the contest!

12:38:38 PM

Michael Bartlett 

New Submission

Michael Bartlett added Kokanee to the contest!

6:32:02 AM

Bill Wakeley 

New Submission

Bill Wakeley added Color of Morning to the contest!

6:31:50 AM

Anthony Sacco 

New Submission

Anthony Sacco added Neon Dance to the contest!

12:55:23 AM

Molly McPherson 

New Submission

Molly McPherson added Painted Moon to the contest!

12:30:36 PM

Kume Bryant 

New Submission

Kume Bryant added Stairway to Heaven to the contest!

7:47:38 PM

Mina Artesia 

New Submission

Mina Artesia added Furtive Colors to the contest!

11:47:24 AM

Scott Sawyer 

New Submission

Scott Sawyer added Fire Dance to the contest!

8:55:52 AM

Michelle Wrighton 

New Submission

Michelle Wrighton added Whispers on the Wind to the contest!

7:11:30 PM

Gregory Smith 

New Submission

Gregory Smith added After Party Night Taxi 5 to the contest!

1:21:47 PM

Neil Hemsley 

New Submission

Neil Hemsley added Eye to the contest!

10:08:39 AM

Juergen Roth 

New Submission

Juergen Roth added Spring Tree Carousel to the contest!

7:07:06 PM

Carol F Austin 

New Submission

Carol F Austin added Driving Home for the Holidays to the contest!

5:54:29 AM

Andy Prendy 

New Submission

Andy Prendy added Sunset Island Dreaming 2 to the contest!

9:05:06 PM

Terril Heilman 

New Submission

Terril Heilman added Fire Below to the contest!

7:29:34 PM

Bob Jones 

New Submission

Bob Jones added Your Move to the contest!

12:06:03 PM

Mary Bedy 

New Submission

Mary Bedy added Light Impression 3 to the contest!

10:56:43 AM

Kirsten Giving 

New Submission

Kirsten Giving added Light Trails in San Francisco to the contest!

7:49:56 AM

David Mosby 

New Submission

David Mosby added Moving Lights 3806 to the contest!

7:43:25 PM

Terri Harper 

New Submission

Terri Harper added Faerie In The Fireworks to the contest!

7:11:35 PM

Jim Finch 

New Submission

Jim Finch added Florida Orange Tree in Motion to the contest!

7:06:50 PM

Thomas MacPherson Jr 

New Submission

Thomas MacPherson Jr added UFO Landing to the contest!

4:27:27 AM

Rod Jones 

New Submission

Rod Jones added Zoom to the contest!

11:06:58 PM

Lisa Knechtel 

New Submission

Lisa Knechtel added Into the Abyss to the contest!

3:58:49 PM

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore 

New Submission

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore added Exit Only to the contest!

12:54:09 PM

Sarah-fiona Helme 

New Submission

Sarah-fiona Helme added Autumn Palette to the contest!

10:58:17 AM

Steven Ralser 

New Submission

Steven Ralser added Fall abstract to the contest!

8:19:06 AM

Dan Carmichael 

New Submission

Dan Carmichael added Outer Banks - Before Sunrise on Pea Island I to the contest!

7:26:43 AM

Benanne Stiens 

New Submission

Benanne Stiens added Sawgrass in Motion to the contest!

11:54:11 PM

Robert Painter 

New Submission

Robert Painter added Chicago Skyline - Lake Shore Drive to the contest!

11:40:43 PM

Penny Meyers 

New Submission

Penny Meyers added Celebration to the contest!

11:01:10 PM

Phil Dionne 

New Submission

Phil Dionne added A Night At Haynes Ranch III to the contest!

10:58:03 PM

Mistys DesertSerenity 

New Submission

Mistys DesertSerenity added Cactus Bloom to the contest!

10:20:45 PM

Jim Lynch 

New Submission

Jim Lynch added Sanity to the contest!

8:56:56 PM

Amazing Jules 

New Submission

Amazing Jules added Boston Rowes Wharf to the contest!

5:58:52 PM

Ronald Walker 

New Submission

Ronald Walker added The return of photo fun to the contest!

2:03:34 PM

Laxmikant Chaware 

New Submission

Laxmikant Chaware added entangled light rays to the contest!

8:22:51 AM

Andrew Pacheco 

New Submission

Andrew Pacheco added Nighttime Commute to the contest!

8:10:01 AM

Amanda Barcon 

New Submission

Amanda Barcon added Abstract to the contest!

7:07:07 AM

Edmund Nagele 

New Submission

Edmund Nagele added Light Fantastique to the contest!

4:36:29 AM

Anne Gilbert 

New Submission

Anne Gilbert added Golden Blur to the contest!

3:12:20 AM

Haleh Mahbod 

New Submission

Haleh Mahbod added Fireworks Finale to the contest!

2:13:01 AM

Daniel Furon 

New Submission

Daniel Furon added Party Time to the contest!

8:46:46 PM

Trever Miller 

New Submission

Trever Miller added Don't Cross The Streams to the contest!

4:24:15 PM

The Creative Minds Art and Photography 

New Submission

The Creative Minds Art and Photography added Amazing sunset to the contest!

2:06:13 PM

Ronald Grogan 

New Submission

Ronald Grogan added Abstract Lights to the contest!

2:00:22 PM

Martin Howard 

New Submission

Martin Howard added Can You Tell What It Is Yet? to the contest!

1:49:28 PM

Cliff Spohn 

New Submission

Cliff Spohn added X L R 8 And Let The Mystery Be to the contest!

1:26:39 PM

Joseph Duba 

New Submission

Joseph Duba added Self Portrait within Light Swirls 2012 to the contest!

1:17:39 PM

Suzanne Gaff 

New Submission

Suzanne Gaff added Night Abstract II to the contest!

12:57:40 PM

Kathy Bassett 

New Submission

Kathy Bassett added Dancing Water to the contest!

12:06:24 PM

Rose Szautner 

New Submission

Rose Szautner added Partial Vision to the contest!

11:40:26 AM

Oscar Gutierrez 

New Submission

Oscar Gutierrez added Abstract winter trees to the contest!

11:24:55 AM

Tessa Warnke 

New Submission

Tessa Warnke added Three Heads is Better Than None to the contest!

11:18:44 AM


New Submission

Nandan NAGWEKAR added LIGHT IN MOTION to the contest!

11:16:40 AM

Christina Rollo 

New Submission

Christina Rollo added Urban Nature Fall Grass Abstract to the contest!

11:01:22 AM

Natalie Sweetabow 

New Submission

Natalie Sweetabow added Lost in Translation to the contest!

10:58:31 AM

Charles Stuart 

New Submission

Charles Stuart added Speeding Waltzer Last Tango to the contest!

10:54:51 AM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added DC Lights to the contest!

10:45:47 AM

Michael Flood 

New Submission

Michael Flood added Soft Beauty to the contest!

10:18:14 AM

Jeff Breiman 

New Submission

Jeff Breiman added Far Away to the contest!

10:05:22 AM

Dennis James 

New Submission

Dennis James added Warm Morning to the contest!

9:58:04 AM

Ian MacDonald 

New Submission

Ian MacDonald added Stacked to the contest!