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Link To Contest Not Working

Posted by: Randall Branham on 05/28/2013 - 12:59 PM

Why am I getting no connection to my page even when I copy and paste from the web address bar -- will someone see if this link works for me?


Posted by: Tom Druin on 05/28/2013 - 1:50 PM

hi randall ... # 8 fantastic image .best wishes your link is working http://fineartamerica.com/contests/national-tv-photo-contest-2.html?tab=vote&artworkid=6552086


Posted by: Shane Bechler on 05/29/2013 - 1:16 PM

The link is working. Vote # 9 for Old Round Barn New Round Bales.

Here is mine:


Posted by: Marcia Colelli on 05/29/2013 - 1:28 PM

I am vote #10 Beautiful round barn Very rare

Good Luck I would appreciate your vote also

Here is my link http://fineartamerica.com/contests/national-tv-photo-contest-2.html?tab=vote&artworkid=6543823


Posted by: Randall Branham on 05/29/2013 - 1:29 PM

Thanks Shane I already voted for that cross eyed cat lol


Posted by: Randall Branham on 05/29/2013 - 1:30 PM

Thank you Marcia I was # 200


Posted by: Randall Branham on 05/29/2013 - 1:31 PM

Thakn you Tom I voted also


Posted by: Marcia Colelli on 05/29/2013 - 1:33 PM

Thank you Randall

Good luck The colors are beautiful and such a rare subject

I just saw you live in the same state as I do. :-)


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