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37 Votes Left To Share

Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/26/2013 - 4:07 PM


I still have votes to share. I was trying to do this thru the like/vote exchange on facebook, but found that this wasn't for me! I can't sit on the social networking pages all day!
Let me know if you voted and the number and I will reciprocate until I run out of votes. Thanks and good luck to all.


Posted by: Simona Ghidini on 06/26/2013 - 4:21 PM


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/26/2013 - 5:00 PM

Simona...#252 on Parallel Speed. Congrats on making the mark! Thanks for the support.


Posted by: Chris Austin on 06/26/2013 - 8:35 PM

Hi Lee. Voted #177. Great photo. Love Arizona ;)

My link is: http://fineartamerica.com/contests/national-tv-photo-contest-2.html?tab=vote&artworkid=3585179



Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/26/2013 - 9:07 PM

Hi Chris and thank you for the vote! I'm #180 on Sonoma Tree. (I love AZ also...wish I could be there more often.)


Posted by: Cheryl McClure on 06/26/2013 - 9:16 PM

I don't have any votes left to share, but I still need votes. Would appreciate your vote!!


Posted by: K Mortenson on 06/28/2013 - 11:50 AM


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/28/2013 - 1:31 PM

John Morey...thanks for the vote. I'm #95 on The Elusive...wow...love it!
Thanks K Mortenson and Cheryl...I must have voted for you on an earlier discussion.


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/28/2013 - 1:34 PM

K Mortenson...am looking for a link for you. Would like to return the favor!


Posted by: Lynn Jordan on 06/29/2013 - 1:49 PM


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/29/2013 - 1:57 PM

Lynn...#213 on Perfect Form...you are getting close...good luck and thanks.


Posted by: Lynn Jordan on 06/29/2013 - 1:59 PM

Thank you, Lee. I love your image. I made my first trip to Arizona a few weeks ago and enjoyed photographing the area. So different from my home on the Alabama Gulf Coast.


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/29/2013 - 2:02 PM

Very different than where I live also, Lynn. Northern Indiana is where my home is. With family in the Phoenix area, I get to go there often, tho!


Posted by: Nina Prommer on 06/29/2013 - 4:10 PM


Posted by: Lee Craig on 06/29/2013 - 4:22 PM

Thank you Nina...I was #10 on Hollywood Sign earlier today on Stephan Melcher's discussion thread. I appreciate the return support!


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