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Contest - Thoughts of Spring






10:05:58 AM

Laurel Butkins 

New Submission

Laurel Butkins added Black Swallowtail to the contest!

9:16:19 AM

Rona Black 

New Submission

Rona Black added Sunlit Cherry Blossoms to the contest!

8:52:40 AM

Lil Taylor 

New Submission

Lil Taylor added Tulip Explosion to the contest!

8:29:23 AM

Kelly Nowak 

New Submission

Kelly Nowak added The Wren Quintet to the contest!

8:21:24 AM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Spring Stroll to the contest!

8:19:31 AM

Meaghan Troup 

New Submission

Meaghan Troup added From the Earth to the contest!

8:07:57 AM

Laurel Best 

New Submission

Laurel Best added Purple Hyacinth to the contest!

7:56:11 AM

Christine Savino 

New Submission

Christine Savino added The Hug to the contest!

7:42:39 AM

Pamela Schiermeyer 

New Submission

Pamela Schiermeyer added Spring Tree to the contest!

3:41:57 AM

Ana Maria Edulescu 

New Submission


12:48:05 AM

Xueling Zou 

New Submission

Xueling Zou added Spring Stanza to the contest!

12:34:38 AM

Rhonda Lee 

New Submission

Rhonda Lee added Tea for Two to the contest!

12:09:45 AM

Jean Moore 

New Submission

Jean Moore added Birds in the Garden to the contest!

11:30:08 PM

Matthew Bamberg 

New Submission

Matthew Bamberg added Purple Orchid to the contest!

11:11:52 PM

Kristine Bogdanovich 

New Submission

Kristine Bogdanovich added Bright Orange Poppy to the contest!

10:39:39 PM

Tanielle Childers 

New Submission

Tanielle Childers added Kissed by the Sun to the contest!

10:25:29 PM

Brigitte Emme 

New Submission

Brigitte Emme added Spring innocence to the contest!

10:06:28 PM

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis 

New Submission

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis added Born Too Soon to the contest!

10:05:03 PM

Zina Stromberg 

New Submission

Zina Stromberg added Sandhill cranes chicks first bath to the contest!

9:51:34 PM

Mindy Bench 

New Submission

Mindy Bench added Tulip Paradise to the contest!

9:34:20 PM

Nancy Howell 

New Submission

Nancy Howell added Life Anew to the contest!

9:06:49 PM

Theresa Tahara 

New Submission

Theresa Tahara added I PICKED A BOUQUET OF LILACS TODAY to the contest!

8:17:51 PM

JoNeL Art 

New Submission

JoNeL Art added Blooming White to the contest!

7:26:39 PM

Amanda Eick 

New Submission

Amanda Eick added flower pop to the contest!

6:52:51 PM

Cathy Lindsey 

New Submission

Cathy Lindsey added Dogwood Blossoms to the contest!

5:47:08 PM

Jane Eleanor Nicholas 

New Submission

Jane Eleanor Nicholas added Memory - a dogwood blossom to the contest!

4:41:22 PM

Terry Weaver 

New Submission

Terry Weaver added Bee on Yellow Flower to the contest!

3:07:21 PM

Leah Moore 

New Submission

Leah Moore added Lil Bird of Happiness to the contest!

3:03:49 PM

Corina Graves 

New Submission

Corina Graves added Russell to the contest!

2:00:31 PM

Ellen Cotton 

New Submission

Ellen Cotton added Springtime in Half Moon Bay to the contest!

1:47:36 PM

Grace Grogan 

New Submission

Grace Grogan added Buds and Blooms to the contest!

1:36:33 PM

Pati Photography 

New Submission

Pati Photography added Little Lamb to the contest!

1:06:19 PM

Paula Brown 

New Submission

Paula Brown added Spring on River to the contest!

12:15:44 PM

J C 

New Submission

J C added Pretty In Pink to the contest!

9:32:37 AM

Elizabeth Chevalier 

New Submission

Elizabeth Chevalier added White Hellebores to the contest!

9:13:01 AM

Tara Moorman 

New Submission

Tara Moorman added Spindly Spokes to the contest!

8:46:45 AM

Trudi Doyle 

New Submission

Trudi Doyle added Swallows Return to the contest!

7:43:54 AM

Susan Porter 

New Submission

Susan Porter added Clematis Jackmanii to the contest!

12:52:55 AM

Irina Hays 

New Submission

Irina Hays added Spring if forest to the contest!

11:44:53 PM

Shirley Sirois 

New Submission

Shirley Sirois added Bird Home to the contest!

11:14:11 PM

Sabine Edrissi 

New Submission

Sabine Edrissi added Fern II to the contest!

11:00:04 PM

Robin Mahboeb 

New Submission

Robin Mahboeb added blue hyacinth to the contest!

10:30:12 PM

Laughing Seagulls 

New Submission

Laughing Seagulls added Sun Flare to the contest!

9:56:25 PM

Maria Arango Diener 

New Submission

Maria Arango Diener added Vegas Neon to the contest!

9:49:47 PM

Jennifer Englehardt 

New Submission

Jennifer Englehardt added Butterfly Perch to the contest!

8:52:45 PM

Priya Ghose 

New Submission

Priya Ghose added Purple Spring to the contest!

8:37:33 PM

Peg Urban 

New Submission

Peg Urban added Dogwood Blossom to the contest!

7:49:32 PM

Heather Coen 

New Submission

Heather Coen added Wild Flowers in Rocky Mountain National Park to the contest!

7:47:27 PM

Joyce Geleynse 

New Submission

Joyce Geleynse added The Laundry on the Line to the contest!

7:41:19 PM

Pat Saunders-White 

New Submission

Pat Saunders-White added THE WIND RIDERS to the contest!

7:36:11 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Ducks by jrr to the contest!

6:54:08 PM

Greta Corens 

New Submission

Greta Corens added Yellow and purple streaked irises to the contest!

6:31:15 PM

Jen Sparks 

New Submission

Jen Sparks added Robin's Nest to the contest!

5:45:03 PM

Jacky Parker 

New Submission

Jacky Parker added Tender Spring to the contest!

5:33:47 PM

Amazing Jules 

New Submission

Amazing Jules added Full Bloom to the contest!

5:07:56 PM

Angela Stanton 

New Submission

Angela Stanton added The Restlessness of Springtime Rest to the contest!

4:57:37 PM

Chris Berry 

New Submission

Chris Berry added Spring Love to the contest!

4:07:23 PM

Laura Brightwood 

New Submission

Laura Brightwood added Mother of Four to the contest!

4:07:00 PM

Carolyn Ricks 

New Submission

Carolyn Ricks added Swing That Bat to the contest!

3:25:20 PM

Brenda Brannon 

New Submission

Brenda Brannon added Springtime Birdbath to the contest!

3:00:40 PM

Tannis Baldwin 

New Submission

Tannis Baldwin added Baby Robins to the contest!

2:54:38 PM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Waxwing Love.. to the contest!

2:30:59 PM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added RHYTHM of NATURE to the contest!

2:10:11 PM

Susan Tammany 

New Submission

Susan Tammany added REDHEAD IN THE MIRROR to the contest!

2:08:05 PM

Barbara McMahon 

New Submission

Barbara McMahon added Cherry Blossom to the contest!

1:47:48 PM

Terri Waters 

New Submission

Terri Waters added Portsmouth Cathedral at Springtime to the contest!

1:43:47 PM

Debbie Portwood 

New Submission

Debbie Portwood added Spring Gazebo pastel effect to the contest!

1:36:35 PM

Marcia Weller-Wenbert 

New Submission

Marcia Weller-Wenbert added Pink to the contest!

1:15:31 PM

Dale Ford 

New Submission

Dale Ford added Spring to the contest!

1:11:29 PM

Rose Fleming 

New Submission

Rose Fleming added Rainy Day Glass to the contest!

1:08:30 PM

Lois Bryan 

New Submission

Lois Bryan added Dogwood Against Blue Sky to the contest!

1:00:11 PM

AnnaJo Vahle 

New Submission

AnnaJo Vahle added Valentine's Eggs to the contest!

12:32:19 PM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Getting Over Shyness to the contest!

8:55:34 AM

A K Dayton 

New Submission

A K Dayton added The Brave Little Crocus to the contest!

8:07:08 AM

Diana Dimitrova 

New Submission

Diana Dimitrova added Violet hyacinth to the contest!

6:02:03 AM

Jenny Rainbow 

New Submission

Jenny Rainbow added Lilac Glow 2 to the contest!

4:20:14 AM

Ana Munoz 

New Submission

ANA MUNOZ added TULIPA GESNERIANA to the contest!

3:28:11 AM

Jesse Flaherty 

New Submission

Jesse Flaherty added Purple Flower to the contest!

1:33:21 AM

Art Dingo 

New Submission

Art Dingo added Tiny Tim to the contest!

1:28:36 AM

Elvira Ladocki 

New Submission

Elvira Ladocki added 132-white flower to the contest!

11:44:51 PM

Michael Hoard 

New Submission

Michael Hoard added Springtime In New Orleans Louisiana to the contest!

11:34:00 PM

Sheri Lauren 

New Submission

Sheri Lauren added Peach Blossom in Ice to the contest!

10:22:01 PM

Lucy Matta 

New Submission

Lucy Matta added The Rebirth to the contest!

9:28:37 PM

Casey Corbin 

New Submission

Casey Corbin added Rain to the contest!

7:40:03 PM

Elizabeth Winter 

New Submission

Elizabeth Winter added The Mating Dance to the contest!

7:08:55 PM

Heather Applegate 

New Submission

Heather Applegate added Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts to the contest!

5:43:34 PM

Bianca Nadeau 

New Submission

Bianca Nadeau added Joys of Spring to the contest!

5:28:17 PM

Melissa Adamson 

New Submission

Melissa Adamson added Ahinoam to the contest!

4:17:19 PM

Sabrina L Ryan 

New Submission

Sabrina L Ryan added The Queen in Spring to the contest!

3:50:23 PM

Sherrell Cisco 

New Submission

Sherrell Cisco added In Bloom to the contest!

2:51:04 PM

Valerie Garner 

New Submission

Valerie Garner added Pioneer Planted Apple Orchard - First in Washington State to the contest!

2:39:07 PM

Patti Whitten 

New Submission

Patti Whitten added A Serving of Spring to the contest!

1:30:55 PM

Carol Avants 

New Submission

Carol Avants added A Dream of Spring to the contest!

1:28:07 PM

Laura DAddona 

New Submission

Laura DAddona added Signs of Spring to the contest!

12:49:17 PM

Karen Ahuja 

New Submission

Karen Ahuja added Farmer's Market Flowers to the contest!

12:19:43 PM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added Bougainvillea Springtime to the contest!

12:04:10 PM

Aniko Hencz 

New Submission

Aniko Hencz added Laughing Gaia to the contest!

11:49:38 AM

Oliver Johnston 

New Submission

Oliver Johnston added Girasol to the contest!

11:47:17 AM

Lisa Phillips 

New Submission

Lisa Phillips added Mama and Goslings to the contest!

10:35:13 AM

Lora Duguay 

New Submission

Lora Duguay added Spring Beauty to the contest!