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Contest - Traditional Painting Masterpieces






5:55:30 PM

Ray Petersen 

New Submission

Ray Petersen added Juniper Mistletoe Screech Owl to the contest!

5:27:17 PM

Sharmyn Ali 

New Submission

Sharmyn Ali added Circle of LIfe to the contest!

4:29:26 PM

Ana Maria Edulescu 

New Submission


4:21:42 PM

Laura Spalinger 

New Submission

Laura Spalinger added Keeper Of The Corn to the contest!

4:13:22 PM

Tamyra Crossley 

New Submission

Tamyra Crossley added Jewel of the Sea to the contest!

4:08:17 PM

Cassie Sears 

New Submission

Cassie Sears added Redeemed to the contest!

4:06:49 PM

Meaghan Troup 

New Submission

Meaghan Troup added Assurance to the contest!

3:35:09 PM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Loving hands to the contest!

3:27:22 PM

Anna Lobovikov-Katz 

New Submission

Anna Lobovikov-Katz added The Cathedral of Trani in Italy to the contest!

2:53:15 PM

Tom Roderick 

New Submission

Tom Roderick added Come Fly With Me to the contest!

2:45:44 PM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Three Olive Martini to the contest!

2:38:05 PM

Dan Petrov 

New Submission

Dan Petrov added Quinces to the contest!

2:09:38 PM

Stanley Morganstein 

New Submission

Stanley Morganstein added Amazon Jungle Birds to the contest!

2:01:26 PM

Kip Krause 

New Submission

Kip Krause added The Last Look to the contest!

1:49:31 PM

Rhonda Lee 

New Submission

Rhonda Lee added My Monet Water Lilies to the contest!

1:39:23 PM

Lyle Crump 

New Submission

Lyle Crump added Transitory Veils to the contest!

1:27:54 PM

Ivy Sharma 

New Submission

Ivy Sharma added Tribals I to the contest!

12:56:15 PM

Evelina Popilian 

New Submission

Evelina Popilian added Untitled to the contest!

12:48:25 PM

Kendall Kessler 

New Submission

Kendall Kessler added Natural Rhythm to the contest!

12:31:36 PM

Dorothy Maier 

New Submission

Dorothy Maier added Love and Music Triptych to the contest!

11:41:37 AM

Bav Patel 

New Submission

Bav Patel added Tiger's Eyes to the contest!

11:20:41 AM

Bev Conover 

New Submission

Bev Conover added Discovering His Voice to the contest!

10:07:05 AM

Conor OBrien 

New Submission

Conor OBrien added Victim of Circumstance to the contest!

9:53:57 AM

Barbara McMahon 

New Submission

Barbara McMahon added Swan Nebula to the contest!

8:56:13 AM

Phyllis Andrews 

New Submission

Phyllis Andrews added Donegal's Shimmering Sea to the contest!

8:28:02 AM

Alexandra Kopp 

New Submission

Alexandra Kopp added The Garden Path to the contest!

6:42:25 AM

Susan Plenzick 

New Submission

Susan Plenzick added Tiny Titmouse to the contest!

5:12:40 AM

Lutz Baar 

New Submission

Lutz Baar added Colorful Impression to the contest!

4:03:38 AM

Rita Palm 

New Submission

Rita Palm added Breaking Wave to the contest!

4:01:29 AM

Laura Vizbule 

New Submission

Laura Vizbule added Network to the contest!

3:44:18 AM

Joseph Baril 

New Submission

Joseph Baril added Sponged to the contest!

2:51:23 AM

Kirohan Art 

New Submission

Kirohan Art added AC216 Blue Irises to the contest!

2:20:38 AM

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott 

New Submission

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott added Guitar In the Zone to the contest!

11:54:57 PM

Paul Hilario 

New Submission

Paul Hilario added In Perquisition of Pleasure to the contest!

11:14:14 PM

Carol Avants 

New Submission

Carol Avants added Butterflies in the Iris to the contest!

11:13:37 PM

Alexandra Jordankova 

New Submission

Alexandra Jordankova added Amstel Bike to the contest!

10:57:31 PM

Reta Haube 

New Submission

Reta Haube added Innocence to the contest!

10:02:07 PM

Jacabo Navarro 

New Submission

Jacabo Navarro added Broken Chalice to the contest!

9:13:41 PM

Zina Stromberg 

New Submission

Zina Stromberg added Milky Way to the contest!

8:06:39 PM

Paula Brown 

New Submission

Paula Brown added Tree of Love to the contest!

7:59:21 PM

Micheal Jones 

New Submission

Micheal Jones added Back Porch to the contest!

7:32:12 PM

JoNeL Art 

New Submission

JoNeL Art added Medicine Man to the contest!

5:29:11 PM

Samantha Geernaert 

New Submission

Samantha Geernaert added Elvis Presley to the contest!

4:34:30 PM

Elena Sokolova 

New Submission

Elena Sokolova added Cantaro Magro Portugal to the contest!

4:27:45 PM

Carole Powell 

New Submission

Carole Powell added Come Holy Spirit to the contest!

3:51:40 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Forest mates to the contest!

1:18:39 PM

Conor Murphy 

New Submission

Conor Murphy added Storm to the East of the Skellig to the contest!

12:46:53 PM

Judy Fischer Walton 

New Submission

Judy Fischer Walton added Carmel Mission to the contest!

5:06:06 AM

Dawn Davies 

New Submission

Dawn Davies added HORSE to the contest!

2:50:01 AM

Cherise Foster 

New Submission

Cherise Foster added Epworth Cross to the contest!

1:38:46 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Lunch at the O.B.M. to the contest!

12:43:24 AM

SophiaArt Gallery 

New Submission

SophiaArt Gallery added Madonna of the Sea to the contest!

11:43:25 PM

Everette McMahan jr 

New Submission

Everette McMahan jr added city by the sea to the contest!

10:40:37 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added The Italian Villa to the contest!

10:31:27 PM

Sharon Burger 

New Submission

Sharon Burger added Crying in the rain to the contest!

9:34:07 PM

Pamela Humbargar 

New Submission

Pamela Humbargar added Two Old Clowns to the contest!

9:06:14 PM

Mary Burr 

New Submission

Mary Burr added Phoenix Rising to the contest!

5:26:40 PM

Anna Ewa Miarczynska 

New Submission

Anna Ewa Miarczynska added The Grapes to the contest!

5:05:53 PM

Brandy Magill 

New Submission

Brandy Magill added Strong Buddha to the contest!

3:54:29 PM

Ethan Altshuler 

New Submission

Ethan Altshuler added Frank Stella Recreation to the contest!

1:05:36 PM

Helene Fallstrom 

New Submission

Helene Fallstrom added Africa to the contest!

12:28:43 PM

Michael Swanson 

New Submission

Michael Swanson added Autumn Sunlight to the contest!

11:47:53 AM

Ahmed Bayomi 

New Submission

Ahmed Bayomi added Nile River Fishermen to the contest!

10:27:17 AM

Jeffrey Koss 

New Submission

Jeffrey Koss added Crescent Over Pittsburgh to the contest!

2:10:12 AM

Janet McDonald 

New Submission

Janet McDonald added The Dance to the contest!

10:56:50 PM

Matt Konar 

New Submission

Matt Konar added Wisdom Heals to the contest!

10:20:20 PM

Karon Melillo DeVega 

New Submission

Karon Melillo DeVega added Fruit and Wine to the contest!

8:41:31 PM

Desline Vitto 

New Submission

Desline Vitto added Sundown Falls to the contest!

7:11:03 PM

Jordan Mendiola 

New Submission

Jordan Mendiola added Color Blind to the contest!

7:04:07 PM

Hanne Lore Koehler 

New Submission

Hanne Lore Koehler added Glorious Lake Sunset to the contest!

2:16:36 PM

Robin Kirkpatrick 

New Submission

Robin Kirkpatrick added Toronto to the contest!

12:19:56 PM

Karen Serfinski 

New Submission

Karen Serfinski added The Lawyer Statue of Freedom to the contest!

12:08:07 PM

Casey Tovey And Sherry Lasken 

New Submission

Casey Tovey And Sherry Lasken added Red Mountain to the contest!

9:21:55 AM

John Williams 

New Submission

John Williams added Gardener of Highnam to the contest!

4:07:20 AM

Joe Gilronan 

New Submission

Joe Gilronan added Passion For Life to the contest!

5:06:40 PM

Nekoda Singer 

New Submission

Nekoda Singer added lost in Time GD to the contest!

12:20:19 PM

Mariusz Zawadzki 

New Submission

Mariusz Zawadzki added the untold story... to the contest!

10:59:46 AM

Sharon Duguay 

New Submission

Sharon Duguay added Canadian Icon Stompin' Tom Conners to the contest!

4:18:09 AM

Daniela Isache 

New Submission

Daniela Isache added Mysterious Old Man to the contest!

2:30:07 AM

Jeanette K 

New Submission

Jeanette K added Peacock with Morning Glory to the contest!

2:01:07 AM

Annemeet Hasidi- van der Leij 

New Submission

Annemeet Hasidi- van der Leij added Pottery to the contest!

12:27:02 AM

Pratyasha Nithin 

New Submission

Pratyasha Nithin added Shiva And His Family to the contest!

8:27:49 PM

John Mabry 

New Submission

John Mabry added Magic Trail to the contest!

6:01:17 PM

Michael Cross 

New Submission

Michael Cross added Reign Over Me to the contest!

3:06:12 PM

Patrick Morgan 

New Submission

Patrick Morgan added Solstice to the contest!

11:21:37 PM

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman 

New Submission

Lisa Piper Menkin Stegeman added Love for Cats to the contest!

8:46:10 PM

William Albanese Sr 

New Submission

William Albanese Sr added Self-portrait to the contest!

8:35:06 PM

Samuel Zylstra 

New Submission

Samuel Zylstra added Turtle to the contest!

8:04:58 PM

April Maisano 

New Submission

April Maisano added Mountain View to the contest!

5:33:28 PM

Olga Yug 

New Submission

Olga Yug added Alter Ego to the contest!

3:52:57 PM

JP McKim 

New Submission

JP McKim added Hawaiian Hilltop to the contest!

3:09:02 PM

Kiara Reynolds 

New Submission

Kiara Reynolds added Pre-Colombian Artifacts 4 to the contest!

2:38:14 PM

Rita Miller 

New Submission

Rita Miller added Autumn In The Mountains to the contest!

9:32:10 AM

Harold Greer 

New Submission

Harold Greer added Good and Evil to the contest!

10:26:59 PM

Denny Casto 

New Submission

DENNY CASTO added When I was young to the contest!

9:54:21 PM

Joan Landry 

New Submission

Joan Landry added Tahoe Scene to the contest!

9:27:38 PM

Catherine Velardo 

New Submission

Catherine Velardo added Make A Wish to the contest!

8:17:28 PM

P Maure Bausch 

New Submission

P Maure Bausch added Where Buttterflies Swim and Goldfish Fly to the contest!

7:55:50 PM

Cathy Lindsey 

New Submission

Cathy Lindsey added Cape Hatteras Light to the contest!

7:09:47 PM

Joe Triano 

New Submission

Joe Triano added Where Eagles Soar to the contest!