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Contest - Trees Details Up Close






10:53:54 AM

Devalyn Marshall 

New Submission

Devalyn Marshall added Young Shoots to the contest!

10:37:46 AM

Deb Halloran 

New Submission

Deb Halloran added Enchantment to the contest!

10:19:10 AM

Val Oconnor 

New Submission

VAL OCONNOR added Face in a Tree to the contest!

9:53:26 AM

Gary Gackstatter 

New Submission

Gary Gackstatter added Cottonwood to the contest!

6:32:51 AM

Maurizio Incurvati 

New Submission

Maurizio Incurvati added Dreamy Trees to the contest!

6:29:21 AM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Jack O Lantern Naturally to the contest!

6:07:11 AM

Martin Howard 

New Submission

Martin Howard added Angels or Dragons to the contest!

6:04:56 AM

Agnieszka Ledwon 

New Submission

Agnieszka Ledwon added Land Of Elves to the contest!

5:24:12 AM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added What A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts to the contest!

5:20:02 AM

Sharon Mau 

New Submission

Sharon Mau added Niu - Cocos nucifera - Hawaiian Coconut Palm Frond to the contest!

2:30:55 AM

Anna Lisa Yoder 

New Submission

Anna Lisa Yoder added Old Maple Roots in Backlit Autumn to the contest!

11:45:41 PM

Mary Halpin 

New Submission

Mary Halpin added Nome Home to the contest!

11:41:21 PM

Nick Oman 

New Submission

Nick Oman added Mossy Oak to the contest!

10:57:42 PM

Kristine Plum 

New Submission

Kristine Plum added Magnolia Chandelier to the contest!

10:39:29 PM

Fortunate Findings Shirley Dickerson 

New Submission

Fortunate Findings Shirley Dickerson added Tangled to the contest!

10:34:25 PM

James Guentner 

New Submission

James Guentner added Tree God to the contest!

9:58:53 PM

AnnaJo Vahle 

New Submission

AnnaJo Vahle added Gnarly to the contest!

9:51:46 PM

Jim Sauchyn 

New Submission

Jim Sauchyn added Three Birch Tree Trunks to the contest!

9:42:12 PM

Zina Stromberg 

New Submission

Zina Stromberg added Growing oranges to the contest!

9:26:17 PM

Maria Scarfone 

New Submission

Maria Scarfone added Tree Study to the contest!

9:09:09 PM

Emanuel Tanjala 

New Submission

Emanuel Tanjala added Pine tree cones to the contest!

9:03:44 PM

Bianca Nadeau 

New Submission

Bianca Nadeau added Nature Recycled to the contest!

7:03:20 PM

Bob and Nancy Kendrick 

New Submission

Bob and Nancy Kendrick added All Knotted Up to the contest!

6:59:25 PM

Yvette Pichette 

New Submission

Yvette Pichette added The Mossy Tree to the contest!

6:05:07 PM

CGHepburn Scenic Photos 

New Submission

CGHepburn Scenic Photos added Tree With A Twist to the contest!

2:42:38 PM

Eve Spring 

New Submission

Eve Spring added Color of Life to the contest!

2:13:48 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Autumn Woods to the contest!

2:03:31 PM

Mary Deal 

New Submission

Mary Deal added Rainbow Eucalyptus to the contest!

2:00:45 PM

Christine Till 

New Submission

Christine Till added Tree moss - Green soft beauty to the contest!

1:02:31 PM

Elaine Duras 

New Submission

Elaine Duras added Helicopter buds from Maple Tree to the contest!

12:59:49 PM

Connie Fox 

New Submission

Connie Fox added Colors and Patterns of Pine Bark to the contest!

12:52:32 PM

Angi Parks 

New Submission

Angi Parks added This is Knotty to the contest!

12:44:07 PM

Judy Palkimas 

New Submission

Judy Palkimas added Natures Art Work - Patch Work to the contest!

12:17:49 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Root Route by jammer to the contest!

11:58:33 AM

John Rizzuto 

New Submission

John Rizzuto added The Scream to the contest!

11:36:19 AM

Landry McKee 

New Submission

Landry McKee added Bark to the contest!

11:12:55 AM

Sean Griffin 

New Submission

Sean Griffin added Madrona to the contest!

10:43:04 AM

Carina Mascarelli 

New Submission

Carina Mascarelli added Cheval de Bois to the contest!

6:06:57 AM

GuoJun Pan 

New Submission

GuoJun Pan added Red forest to the contest!

5:29:10 AM

Catherine Murton 

New Submission

Catherine Murton added Tree Texture to the contest!

2:06:07 AM

Sarah-fiona Helme 

New Submission

Sarah-fiona Helme added Autumn Palette to the contest!

1:46:57 AM

Guy Pettingell 

New Submission

Guy Pettingell added A lemon tree my dear watson to the contest!

1:15:21 AM

Peter Mooyman 

New Submission

Peter Mooyman added Eucalyptus Bark to the contest!

12:13:20 AM

Rhonda McDougall 

New Submission

Rhonda McDougall added Birch Tree Message to the contest!

11:52:37 PM

Joe Schofield 

New Submission

Joe Schofield added No One Here Will Get Out Alive to the contest!

11:17:25 PM

Sonya Wilson 

New Submission

Sonya Wilson added The Ear to the contest!

10:33:34 PM

Betty Pinkston 

New Submission

Betty Pinkston added Destin Palm to the contest!

10:20:44 PM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added ENTANGLED BEAUTY to the contest!

10:00:24 PM

Robin Mahboeb 

New Submission

Robin Mahboeb added twisted to the contest!

9:28:27 PM

Terry Cotton 

New Submission

Terry Cotton added Things that grow on Trees to the contest!

9:05:04 PM

Brenda Pressnall 

New Submission

Brenda Pressnall added old man of the forest to the contest!

8:42:43 PM

The Forests Edge Photography - Diane Sandoval 

New Submission

The Forests Edge Photography - Diane Sandoval added Windswept Roots to the contest!

8:39:09 PM

Madeline Ellis 

New Submission

Madeline Ellis added Branching Out In Costa Rica to the contest!

8:09:16 PM

Amy Fearn 

New Submission

Amy Fearn added Layers of Life to the contest!

7:32:18 PM

Conor Murphy 

New Submission

Conor Murphy added Wounded to the contest!

6:25:03 PM

Cyndi Brewer 

New Submission

Cyndi Brewer added Spring Pines to the contest!

5:25:48 PM

Tracey McQuain 

New Submission

Tracey McQuain added Yellow blooms to the contest!

1:43:45 PM

Grace Grogan 

New Submission

Grace Grogan added Unusual Bark to the contest!

1:29:47 PM

Robert McCubbin 

New Submission

Robert McCubbin added Hobbitt VIP Entrance to the contest!

12:30:37 PM

Jesse Flaherty 

New Submission

Jesse Flaherty added Trees Hidden in Anchorage to the contest!

11:19:34 AM

Ann Horn 

New Submission

Ann Horn added Walking to the contest!

9:57:51 AM

Cedric Hampton 

New Submission

Cedric Hampton added Autumn Leaves 4 to the contest!

8:46:12 AM

Desmond Raymond 

New Submission

Desmond Raymond added Aspen - Winter -Assiniboine Forest to the contest!

3:41:37 AM

Brent Dolliver 

New Submission

Brent Dolliver added Bark to the contest!

2:26:59 AM

Lena Turcan 

New Submission

Lena Turcan added Fragility to the contest!

1:18:57 AM

Sara Raber 

New Submission

Sara Raber added Nature Providing to the contest!

12:59:33 AM

Angela Murray 

New Submission

Angela Murray added Fig Tree Roots to the contest!

12:13:58 AM

David Perfors 

New Submission

David Perfors added Winter Tree to the contest!

12:01:47 AM

Katie Wing Vigil 

New Submission

Katie Wing Vigil added Under The Magnolia Tree to the contest!

11:25:29 PM

Charlie and Norma Brock 

New Submission

Charlie and Norma Brock added Rainbow Tree to the contest!

10:33:31 PM

Mark McReynolds 

New Submission

Mark McReynolds added Old Cedar Tree to the contest!

10:32:20 PM

Joe Bonita 

New Submission

Joe Bonita added Tree Bark to the contest!

9:47:54 PM

Loriental Photography 

New Submission

Loriental Photography added Under the Mistletoe to the contest!

8:53:32 PM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Bark at me to the contest!

7:25:40 PM

Debi Dmytryshyn 

New Submission

Debi Dmytryshyn added Winter Blahs to the contest!

6:33:48 PM

James Brunker 

New Submission

James Brunker added Barrigon tree trunk detail to the contest!

5:51:14 PM

Steve Battle 

New Submission

Steve Battle added Limb Form to the contest!

5:39:38 PM

Julie Niemela 

New Submission

Julie Niemela added Birch Tree Bark to the contest!

5:25:39 PM

Delona Seserman 

New Submission

DELONA SESERMAN added Nature abstraction to the contest!

3:53:20 PM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Cabbage Palm Abstract to the contest!

2:40:56 PM

Carol Groenen 

New Submission

Carol Groenen added Peeling Bark 2 to the contest!

1:56:48 PM

James Hammen 

New Submission

James Hammen added Natural Texture to the contest!

12:34:46 PM

Rose Szautner 

New Submission

Rose Szautner added Window of Life to the contest!

11:26:21 AM

Diana Sainz 

New Submission

Diana Sainz added Barking Tree By Diana Sainz to the contest!

10:41:06 AM

Cathy Donohoue 

New Submission

Cathy Donohoue added Upwards to the contest!

8:30:33 AM

Jefferson Hobbs 

New Submission

Jefferson Hobbs added Old Line Tree to the contest!

7:29:11 AM

Regina McLeroy 

New Submission

Regina McLeroy added Heart with Soul to the contest!

6:48:27 AM

John Cocchi 

New Submission

John Cocchi added Split Trunk to the contest!

3:33:23 AM

Heidi Manly 

New Submission

Heidi Manly added Blue Behind Pink to the contest!

1:18:44 AM

Brady D Hebert 

New Submission

Brady D Hebert added Bark to the contest!

1:16:22 AM

Juan Romagosa 

New Submission

Juan Romagosa added Muir Woods Face to the contest!

12:53:10 AM

Cathy Kovarik 

New Submission

Cathy Kovarik added Fallen to the contest!

11:49:32 PM

Mohamed Hirji 

New Submission

Mohamed Hirji added Birches to the contest!

11:26:36 PM

Emily Kay 

New Submission

Emily Kay added Looking Up to the contest!

9:40:57 PM

Juergen Roth 

New Submission

Juergen Roth added Birch Tree to the contest!

8:52:50 PM

Trish Clark 

New Submission

Trish Clark added nature to the contest!

4:05:29 PM

Stephan Pietzko 

New Submission

Stephan Pietzko added Black Spruce Tree releasing Pollen to the contest!

3:49:18 PM

Alan Look 

New Submission

Alan Look added White paper birch tree bark to the contest!

2:40:55 PM

Christina Durity 

New Submission

Christina Durity added Wooden Heart to the contest!

11:19:05 AM

Pamela Walrath 

New Submission

Pamela Walrath added Gnarly Ponderosa to the contest!