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Contest - Wild and Crazy Art






9:44:40 PM

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott 

New Submission

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott added Our Love Is Now Forever Entwined to the contest!

9:09:44 PM

JC Findley 

New Submission

JC Findley added Recalculating to the contest!

8:44:48 PM

Gerald Strine 

New Submission

Gerald Strine added A busy day of art to the contest!

8:42:49 PM

Yvonne Johnstone 

New Submission

Yvonne Johnstone added Midnight Trip to the contest!

8:21:43 PM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added Psychedelic Topsy Turvy Thoughts Fractal 118 to the contest!

8:16:14 PM

George Pasini 

New Submission

George Pasini added carnivale de gato to the contest!

7:41:32 PM

Paulo Guimaraes 

New Submission

Paulo Guimaraes added Lost in Chaos to the contest!

7:40:28 PM

Jim Fitzpatrick 

New Submission

Jim Fitzpatrick added Herman and Grandpa Munster playing Roller Derby to the contest!

7:32:40 PM

Bob Arata 

New Submission

Bob Arata added Visitors to the contest!

6:55:30 PM

Susan Richardson 

New Submission

Susan Richardson added Lights Out to the contest!

6:40:23 PM

Joseph Baril 

New Submission

Joseph Baril added Modern Power to the contest!

6:40:09 PM

Philip G 

New Submission

Philip G added Zelephant to the contest!

6:40:00 PM


New Submission


5:50:10 PM

Chuck Smith 

New Submission

Chuck Smith added Lightning - 5377 to the contest!

5:42:11 PM

Nydia Williams 

New Submission

Nydia Williams added Mothers Love Lonely Night to the contest!

5:37:01 PM

Steve McKinzie 

New Submission

Steve McKinzie added Butterfly to the contest!

5:01:34 PM

Michael L Gentile 

New Submission

Michael L Gentile added What do You think to the contest!

4:27:28 PM

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch 

New Submission

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch added 753 - Design to the contest!

4:05:51 PM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Red Snapper's Dream 1805 to the contest!

3:52:46 PM

Olga R 

New Submission

Olga R added Banana to the contest!

3:41:20 PM

Jan Prewett 

New Submission

Jan Prewett added Horse Conchs of a Different Color to the contest!

2:59:55 PM

Barbara White 

New Submission

Barbara White added Power Up to the contest!

2:16:37 PM

Ronald T Williams 

New Submission

Ronald T Williams added Supernova Sunset to the contest!

2:03:50 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added We ARE Siamese if you Please to the contest!

1:47:01 PM

John Kolenberg 

New Submission

John Kolenberg added surfing quebrada to the contest!

1:17:57 PM

Jason Kasper 

New Submission

Jason Kasper added Out of Tim Burton to the contest!

12:31:49 PM

Priscilla Richardson 

New Submission

Priscilla Richardson added Paris Las Vegas to the contest!

12:23:32 PM

Gallery enjoybeautiful  

New Submission

Gallery enjoybeautiful added No comment to the contest!

12:04:03 PM

Cindy New 

New Submission

Cindy New added The Glow to the contest!

10:53:30 AM

Tom Roderick 

New Submission

Tom Roderick added I Dream of Jenny to the contest!

10:21:54 AM

Genevieve Esson 

New Submission

Genevieve Esson added Metaphysical Starpalooza to the contest!

9:56:33 AM

Linda Seacord 

New Submission

Linda Seacord added 1962 to the contest!

9:24:53 AM

Bonnie Wright 

New Submission

Bonnie Wright added Hand Tatoo to the contest!

9:17:11 AM

Marcelo Itkin 

New Submission

Marcelo Itkin added 1 inch words - Palabras de 1 pulgada to the contest!

9:06:08 AM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Nebula to the contest!

9:05:45 AM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Garden - The Secret Life of the leftover paint to the contest!

8:28:55 AM

Sarah Loft 

New Submission

Sarah Loft added Storm Tossed to the contest!

5:47:48 AM

Jeff Hunter 

New Submission

JEFF HUNTER added Fiery Horse to the contest!

5:36:05 AM

Samuel Sheats 

New Submission

Samuel Sheats added Harlequin Mask Expanded to the contest!

4:40:57 AM

Wendy J St Christopher 

New Submission

Wendy J St Christopher added The Whale to the contest!

3:49:19 AM

Bruce Iorio 

New Submission

BRUCE IORIO added Hamburger in Disguise to the contest!

3:48:14 AM

Dion Halliday 

New Submission

Dion Halliday added something different to the contest!

2:29:39 AM

Barron Holland 

New Submission

Barron Holland added Swirl to the contest!

2:16:22 AM

James Ahn 

New Submission

James Ahn added Great Horned Owl - Fractal - S -4398 to the contest!

1:21:22 AM

Renee Trenholm 

New Submission

Renee Trenholm added Cool is the Rule to the contest!

11:50:23 PM

Matthew Wright 

New Submission

Matthew Wright added Clouds to the contest!

11:42:45 PM

Michael Garyet 

New Submission

Michael Garyet added Spectracycle to the contest!

11:05:03 PM

Zafer Gurel 

New Submission

Zafer Gurel added Showtime to the contest!

10:35:59 PM

Jeffrey Koss 

New Submission

Jeffrey Koss added A Halloween Wedding to the contest!

10:26:18 PM

Tara Francoise 

New Submission

Tara Francoise added Buddy's Alien to the contest!

9:52:26 PM

Linda Sannuti 

New Submission

Linda Sannuti added Head Spin to the contest!

7:57:37 PM

Kristin Elmquist 

New Submission

Kristin Elmquist added Into the Furnace to the contest!

7:12:21 PM

Steven Lebron Langston 

New Submission

Steven Lebron Langston added Bending Time to the contest!

6:55:48 PM

Samantha L 

New Submission

Samantha L added Bull Shark to the contest!

6:29:20 PM

Donna Spadola 

New Submission

Donna Spadola added Hydrant to the contest!

6:25:04 PM

Daniel Furon 

New Submission

Daniel Furon added The Big Freeze to the contest!

5:26:00 PM

Ryan Demaree 

New Submission

Ryan Demaree added Solar broadcast -Transition- to the contest!

4:23:53 PM

Aimee Bruno 

New Submission

Aimee Bruno added Into the Forest to the contest!

4:15:58 PM

Patrick Humphreys 

New Submission

Patrick Humphreys added what are you looking at? to the contest!

3:49:47 PM

Lisa Kramer 

New Submission

Lisa Kramer added Dreams to the contest!

2:58:07 PM

Vicky Tarcau 

New Submission

Vicky Tarcau added Running Horses to the contest!

2:29:29 PM

Joseph Fraizer 

New Submission

Joseph Fraizer added Parasols 1 to the contest!

2:25:44 PM

Julie Niemela 

New Submission

Julie Niemela added Visual Cadence XXIII to the contest!

12:57:39 PM

Kristie Bonnewell 

New Submission

Kristie Bonnewell added Imagine to the contest!

12:29:15 PM

Beverly Livingstone 

New Submission

Beverly Livingstone added Krooked House Village to the contest!

12:16:16 PM

Jane Schnetlage 

New Submission

Jane Schnetlage added my psychedelic bulldog to the contest!

12:05:43 PM

Erika Pochybova 

New Submission

Erika Pochybova added That's Life to the contest!

11:29:36 AM

Mandy Shupp 

New Submission

Mandy Shupp added 80's Glam to the contest!

11:24:00 AM

Cherise Foster 

New Submission

Cherise Foster added Apple Of Her Eye to the contest!

9:27:29 AM

Michelle Milano 

New Submission

Michelle Milano added Gothic America to the contest!

7:57:23 AM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Pansymania to the contest!

5:33:32 AM

Robert Anderson 

New Submission

Robert Anderson added Comic Hero 2 to the contest!

3:05:06 AM

Judi Goodwin 

New Submission

Judi Goodwin added Coloured Beauty to the contest!

3:02:23 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Gyro to the contest!

2:05:14 AM

Nick Kloepping 

New Submission

Nick Kloepping added Frozen in time to the contest!

12:57:04 AM

Steve Grochowsky 

New Submission

Steve Grochowsky added Psycho Dellic Sunrise to the contest!

12:18:18 AM

Annette Jimerson 

New Submission

Annette Jimerson added Expressive Eyes to the contest!

10:51:38 PM

James W Johnson 

New Submission

James W Johnson added You are my Sunshine to the contest!

10:01:11 PM

James Violett II 

New Submission

James Violett II added Electric Trees to the contest!

9:13:51 PM

Barbara Yearty 

New Submission

Barbara Yearty added Purple and Metallic Shapes to the contest!

9:10:53 PM

Dy Witt 

New Submission

Dy Witt added Liz Wiz to the contest!

8:29:28 PM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Tarzan and Jane at the Beach to the contest!

6:31:26 PM

Jim Painter 

New Submission

Jim Painter added Bee Attack to the contest!

6:01:06 PM

David Rich 

New Submission

David Rich added Snail Mail to the contest!

5:51:18 PM

Fawn Whelahan 

New Submission

Fawn Whelahan added galaxy gathering to the contest!

5:41:00 PM

Brenda Owen 

New Submission

Brenda Owen added Wishing Tree to the contest!

4:48:33 PM

Geeta Biswas 

New Submission

Geeta Biswas added Before - After to the contest!

2:49:31 PM

Yelena Rubin 

New Submission

Yelena Rubin added Endless Tunnel of Love to the contest!

2:06:28 PM

Daniel Eskridge 

New Submission

Daniel Eskridge added Bad Pigs to the contest!

1:31:57 PM

Karol Livote 

New Submission

Karol Livote added Butterflies Galore to the contest!

1:26:27 PM

Marwan George Khoury 

New Submission

Marwan George Khoury added Horse to the contest!

1:21:22 PM

Andrew Pacheco 

New Submission

Andrew Pacheco added Al Mac's Diner to the contest!

12:38:34 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Rainbow Gold by jrr to the contest!

11:58:47 AM

Stan Williams 

New Submission

Stan Williams added Alien to the contest!

11:33:33 AM

Mike Martin 

New Submission

Mike Martin added Trick or Treat to the contest!

11:31:42 AM

Joey Nash 

New Submission

Joey Nash added EQUUS DIABOLUS DIABLO to the contest!

10:15:17 AM

Micheal Jones 

New Submission

Micheal Jones added Math Class to the contest!

7:35:08 AM

Tannis Baldwin 

New Submission

Tannis Baldwin added Summer reflection to the contest!

2:15:48 AM

Sherry Hallemeier 

New Submission

Sherry Hallemeier added Caffeine Explosion to the contest!

1:33:23 AM

Kym Backland 

New Submission

Kym Backland added Colorful Man of the Festival to the contest!