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Contest - Your Best Long Exposure Photograph






4:04:38 AM

Jim Finch 

New Submission

Jim Finch added 30 Second Exposure to the contest!

3:55:23 AM

Lydia Torres 

New Submission

Lydia Torres added Lake Havasu to the contest!

1:58:22 AM

Mariola Bitner 

New Submission

Mariola Bitner added Road to Heaven to the contest!

12:35:43 AM

John King 

New Submission

JOHN KING added THE WET SHADOW to the contest!

12:08:53 AM

Zafer Gurel 

New Submission

Zafer Gurel added Nightlife on the Water to the contest!

11:50:43 PM

Megen McAuliffe 

New Submission

Megen McAuliffe added Aurora Borealis on Cape Cod to the contest!

10:28:19 PM

Elizabeth Hart 

New Submission

Elizabeth Hart added First Light to the contest!

10:03:33 PM

Matt Lewis 

New Submission

Matt Lewis added wings of stone to the contest!

6:52:55 PM

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan 

New Submission

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan added Tidal Lace to the contest!

6:51:48 PM

Lloyd Alexander 

New Submission

Lloyd Alexander added Beaver Brook Falls to the contest!

6:24:37 PM

Vivian Christopher 

New Submission

Vivian Christopher added Golden Gate Bridge 1 to the contest!

5:45:10 PM

Nadya Ost 

New Submission

Nadya Ost added Fishermen to the contest!

3:53:52 PM

Michael Draper 

New Submission

Michael Draper added The Lookout to the contest!

2:47:06 PM

Amarildo Correa 

New Submission

Amarildo Correa added Seascape to the contest!

2:01:45 PM

Jenny Rainbow 

New Submission

Jenny Rainbow added Night. One Day in Paradise. Maldives to the contest!

12:48:09 PM

Joe Palermo 

New Submission

Joe Palermo added Cascade Creek Yosemite to the contest!

12:29:43 PM

Jim Garrison 

New Submission

Jim Garrison added Decompression to the contest!

9:48:57 AM

CGHepburn Scenic Photos 

New Submission

CGHepburn Scenic Photos added Smoky Creek to the contest!

8:49:16 AM

Lara Ellis 

New Submission

Lara Ellis added Endless Waterfall to the contest!

2:21:59 AM

Joe Medina 

New Submission

Joe Medina added AURORA to the contest!

11:48:48 PM

Aleksander Suprunenko 

New Submission

Aleksander Suprunenko added illuminated tree to the contest!

11:00:05 PM

Don F Bradford 

New Submission

Don F Bradford added Smokey Mountain Spring to the contest!

10:25:18 PM

Garry Gay 

New Submission

Garry Gay added Fireworks in night sky to the contest!

10:08:03 PM

Joe Myeress 

New Submission

Joe Myeress added HDR of American Airlines Arena to the contest!

9:52:22 PM

Miro C 

New Submission

Miro C added lighthouse to the contest!

9:50:01 PM

AmaS Art 

New Submission

AmaS Art added Burj al Arab night view to the contest!

9:49:28 PM

Richard Bryce and Family 

New Submission

Richard Bryce and Family added World War II Memorial at Night to the contest!

8:49:20 PM

Paul Wilford 

New Submission

Paul Wilford added Night Sky to the contest!

7:54:58 PM


New Submission


7:42:37 PM

Barry Jones 

New Submission

Barry Jones added Cityscape - Skyline - Memphis at Dawn to the contest!

3:49:04 PM

Stephanie Parks 

New Submission

Stephanie Parks added Eastern Shore of Va to the contest!

3:01:25 PM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Shimmer of Pearl.. to the contest!

10:49:42 AM

Kenneth Carpenter 

New Submission

Kenneth Carpenter added From There and Back to the contest!

9:16:03 AM

Sheila Silverstein 

New Submission

Sheila Silverstein added Love to the contest!

9:11:04 AM

Bill Gallagher 

New Submission

Bill Gallagher added Wildcat Falls to the contest!

8:26:19 AM

Kathy Clark 

New Submission

Kathy Clark added Noccolula Falls Gadsden Alabama USA to the contest!

8:22:46 AM

David Shaffer 

New Submission

David Shaffer added Four Rivers Fountain to the contest!

6:52:38 AM

Marion Galt 

New Submission

Marion Galt added Gondolas 2 to the contest!

3:19:55 AM

Charline Xia 

New Submission

Charline Xia added Blue Hour to the contest!

1:09:14 AM

Farah Faizal 

New Submission

Farah Faizal added Beyond and Behind to the contest!

10:03:32 PM

Bob Retnauer 

New Submission

Bob Retnauer added Sea Stones to the contest!

8:46:39 PM

Benjamin Reed 

New Submission

Benjamin Reed added Irish Waterfall to the contest!

7:09:07 PM

Heather Coen 

New Submission

Heather Coen added Amsterdam Canal in Moonlight to the contest!

5:37:12 PM

Lesley Jane Smithers 

New Submission

Lesley Jane Smithers added Sunrise to the contest!

5:31:41 PM

Richard Verkuyl 

New Submission

Richard Verkuyl added Yosemite by moonlight to the contest!

1:25:45 PM

Karen Wiles 

New Submission

KAREN WILES added Fire Flower to the contest!

1:22:03 PM

Kathleen Struckle 

New Submission

Kathleen Struckle added Pastel Colors to the contest!

12:49:43 PM

Evgeny Pisarev 

New Submission

Evgeny Pisarev added Ancient hall in museum to the contest!

12:10:36 PM

Mike Irwin 

New Submission

Mike Irwin added 30 Seconds of Moonlight to the contest!

10:56:16 AM

Kim Galluzzo Wozniak 

New Submission

Kim Galluzzo Wozniak added all is quiet to the contest!

10:29:22 AM

Charlie Bell 

New Submission

Charlie Bell added Birch at the Beach to the contest!

9:41:39 AM

Barbara White 

New Submission

Barbara White added Caffeine Jolt to the contest!

3:59:09 AM

Doug McPherson 

New Submission

Doug McPherson added Glen Falls to the contest!

3:43:29 AM

Ian Stevenson 

New Submission

Ian Stevenson added The Dream to the contest!

12:49:42 AM

Ernie Echols 

New Submission

Ernie Echols added Autumns Flow to the contest!

11:51:27 PM

Richard Stillwell 

New Submission

Richard Stillwell added Wish Upon A Star to the contest!

11:17:02 PM

Ming Yeung 

New Submission

Ming Yeung added Touching the sun to the contest!

10:48:35 PM

Stephanie Haertling 

New Submission

Stephanie Haertling added Laguna On Fire to the contest!

9:08:27 PM

Mel Steinhauer 

New Submission

Mel Steinhauer added A Smoky Mountain Autumn to the contest!

7:50:53 PM

Cathie Douglas 

New Submission

Cathie Douglas added Kawaakari to the contest!

6:10:08 PM

Alexandra MacPherson-Munro 

New Submission

Alexandra MacPherson-Munro added One Tiny Bee In The Night By Light to the contest!

6:09:02 PM

Tommy Anderson 

New Submission

Tommy Anderson added The Tunnel at Dos Lagos to the contest!

6:08:11 PM

Kaye Seaboch 

New Submission

Kaye Seaboch added Into Nothing to the contest!

5:24:23 PM

Ray Akey 

New Submission

Ray Akey added Horseshoe After Dark to the contest!

4:36:10 PM

AMY Whimsicalworks 

New Submission

AMY Whimsicalworks added For the love of Arsenal to the contest!

1:42:15 PM

Patrick Witz 

New Submission

Patrick Witz added Florence Arno River Night to the contest!

11:42:24 AM

Tamera James 

New Submission

Tamera James added After the Wave to the contest!

9:06:52 AM

David Clark 

New Submission

David Clark added Sandy Hook Mill Dam to the contest!

8:35:43 AM

Sarah Clark 

New Submission

Sarah Clark added Under The Boardwalk to the contest!

8:34:55 AM

Betty Depee 

New Submission

Betty Depee added South Fork Drainage to the contest!

6:52:42 AM

Tim Booth 

New Submission

Tim Booth added Star Trails over the Namib Desert to the contest!

6:14:40 AM

Shelley Neff 

New Submission

Shelley Neff added Market Street Bridge Reflections to the contest!

5:55:09 AM


New Submission

Nandan NAGWEKAR added LIGHT IN MOTION to the contest!

5:28:41 AM

Troy Montemayor 

New Submission

Troy Montemayor added Darkness on Yosemite Valley to the contest!

12:55:30 AM

Heather Applegate 

New Submission

Heather Applegate added Little Cascades to the contest!

12:46:32 AM

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore 

New Submission

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore added Calm Evening to the contest!

12:27:57 AM

Eddie Yerkish 

New Submission

Eddie Yerkish added Sin City to the contest!

12:02:35 AM

Steve Javorsky 

New Submission

Steve Javorsky added Sunset Pier to the contest!

10:09:09 PM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added Mountain Stream to the contest!

9:41:42 PM

Brian Wallace 

New Submission

Brian Wallace added Lunar Eclipse - Gently cross your eyes and focus on the middle image to the contest!

8:58:49 PM

Clarence Holmes 

New Submission

Clarence Holmes added State Fair Rides at Night I to the contest!

8:07:37 PM

Paul Wear 

New Submission

Paul Wear added Reciprocity to the contest!

7:35:05 PM

Kristin Elmquist 

New Submission

Kristin Elmquist added Minnehaha Falls to the contest!

7:33:03 PM

John White 

New Submission

John White added Paradise by Night to the contest!

6:51:37 PM

Joshua House 

New Submission

Joshua House added Old House Infrared to the contest!

5:35:17 PM

Rrrose Pix 

New Submission

Rrrose Pix added Natural History Lobby to the contest!

4:08:09 PM

Ivan Slosar 

New Submission

Ivan Slosar added Waterfall to the contest!

4:05:01 PM

Dennis Hammer 

New Submission

Dennis Hammer added Sunbeam in Antelope Canyon to the contest!

4:01:11 PM

Tim Mulina 

New Submission

Tim Mulina added Tending The Beast to the contest!

3:29:59 PM

Henrik Spranz 

New Submission

Henrik Spranz added Los Hervideros to the contest!

1:22:08 PM

Catherine Lau 

New Submission

Catherine Lau added zen to the contest!

12:24:53 PM

Hein Welman 

New Submission

Hein Welman added Fireworks to the contest!

10:57:33 AM

Luis Esteves 

New Submission

Luis Esteves added Waterfall at Stow Lake to the contest!

10:20:53 AM

Tina McKay-Brown 

New Submission

Tina McKay-Brown added serenity to the contest!

9:12:03 AM

Bob and Nancy Kendrick 

New Submission

Bob and Nancy Kendrick added Marble Canyon 2 to the contest!

8:02:15 AM

Nop Briex 

New Submission

Nop Briex added Glow Eindhoven 2011 2 to the contest!

7:45:28 AM

James O Thompson 

New Submission

James O Thompson added Denver Night Skyline to the contest!

7:22:13 AM

Ralf Kaiser 

New Submission

Ralf Kaiser added floating water to the contest!

7:14:29 AM

Lam Lam 

New Submission

LAM LAM added going home to the contest!

6:06:52 AM

Sharon Mau 

New Submission

Sharon Mau added Keawakapu Tropical Nights to the contest!