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Time Photograph

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Tucson, AZ - United States

Awesome work! vf

Kume, thank You..:)

Sicklerville, NJ - United States

I like this creative portrait..really cool work, Ana!

Thanks Linda appreciate it..

Everett, WA - United States

Time is like a river, flowing onward to the sea. It is always present, right in front of you and me. We say it seems like time is standing still, but it never does, Like in the case of an accident, or being pulled over by the fuzz. We know not where it can from, or even where it goes. The past is the past, as every body knows. You can only hold on to past in thoght, for it is already gone. What written about the future, may be summed up in a song. We think we live in the here and now, but is that really so?, for it is only the past that we really know. The here and now is only a marking point, that divdes the future from the past. It is the point in which we stay, for it will forever last. We can not live in the future, we can not live in the past. We can only in the hash line, that divides, the present, future and past. These and many other questions, that are waiting, to be asked, about the time between, the present, future and past. Like why must we live in present?, Why can't live in them all?, Why does there need to be a dividing point, jest like a solid brick wall? The answer Ana is time is only of the flesh. In spirit we are in the future where time plays no factor. We are then born into time and flesh. When we leave our fleshly bodies our bodies are left to the past. But our spirits can pass between all three realms for it is not bound by time, I know this last part is only an answer, it does not reall rhyme. To my beautiful friend Ana :o)

Unbelievable how beautiful this is written.. Am so moved..you are so poetic.so beautiful ya heart n soul, timeless.

Woodbridge, VA - United States

Tick tock mama.Nice. peace, O.

Hello Daddy O..lol ,peace n sugar..LOL,

Sparta - Greece

I just love it!!!!

Thanks so much Katerina.

Los Angeles, CA - United States

Thanks you M O U S E for the submission. Cheers to Mouse..n and It's great group leader Barbara. :)

Grand Forks, BC - Canada

Congratulations your submission has been FEATURED in MOUSE!! Thank you for your great participations! Cheers, Barbara F/V

Bollebygd - Sweden

Sweet Ana!

Hi Gun..thank you. Abrazos.

Brooklyn, ny - United States

i love it , v

Hi Mark, thank you

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