Rocky Mountain Waterfall

Alanna Hug-McAnnally


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Rocky Mountain Waterfall Painting


Canadian Rocky Mou...




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Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Ron - how very generous of you to allow me to paint your pics. And yes, of course I'd place your name on it as the source reference. I teach oil and acrylic painting classes at the cultural center here in FL, and am backlogged for paintings! But I truly would enjoy painting one or two of your photos. Thank you again. :D

Huntsville, ON - Canada

Please feel free to base any paint on my pictures just ask that you reference the source - in fact this painting reminds me of Athabasca Fall with Mount Kerkeslin in the back ground - which they are - you can find falls and mountain in my Rocky Mountain Gallery

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Ron, it was my pleasure to join! Thank YOU for starting this. Just finished looking at your site and all the wonderful photographs - a few of which I wouldn't mind painting - with your permission, of course. This is a fairly early painting of mine and now resides at a museum - what a shock that was! Again, thank you for taking the time to share you feelings/comments about this painting. I truly appreciate it. :D

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Maggie - I must have missed your lovely comments as I don't see a reply, which is terrible on my part. I truly thank you for taking the time to send such a lovely comment on this painting. It's OLD - but still a fav of mine. I do so appreciate your comments and apologize again for not being even close to prompt!

Huntsville, ON - Canada

Thank you for join the group I hope to see more of you art work posted soon

Cogswell, ND - United States

Gorgeous Waterfall Alanna and you painted this beautifully .. your water sparkles love it L/F

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Jane, thank you so very much for your truly lovely comments for Rocky Mountain Waterfall - another antique of mine! lol It's hanging in a museum now. This one took many hours to paint and several layers. But it was pure joy! You are always so generous in your comments and I very much appreciate them. You've made my day, week, etc. :D

Glastonbury, So - United Kingdom

Alanna, I have not viewed this one before.Wow! What a lot of success you had with this beautiful work and I can see why.Congrats to you! The water has such a shimmering sparkling joy to it. The rocks are subtle and beautifully shaded,yet strong and so powerful.I love the depth you have achieved with the leaning fir and beyond to the mountain peaks. Fantastic work! L/F

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Latha - Namaste wa Essalaam wa aleakum. Hello dear friend. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on one of my fav paintings - and hardest! Of course I went to your site again - your style just drinks you in with all the peacefulness and bright colors at the same time. However do you do that? I know nothing about digital art - but am fascinated by it. "On the Eve of Golden Shower Festival" is so lovely! Another fav of yours. Actually, it's hard to pick a fav as I love them all. Latha, again, thank you for your beautiful comments and the F/V - they have made me very happy. :D

Dubai, D - United Arab Emirates

Love the soft colors and artistic composition, dear Alanna !!!Happy to know that,now it's in a museum my friend !!! My best wishes!!!! (f/v)

Santa Rosa, CA - United States

Alanna, this is a very lovely painting. Yes, I am enjoying the effects of the waterfall!!! f/v

Antonio - sorry about a late reply. I have a torn rotator cup - ick. So am taking it easy. Very much want to thank you for your enjoyment of this painting. It's one of my favs also. Your FAV and V made my day today! Again, thank you for your wonder remarks. :D

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Eric - thank you! I wanted that affect. My teacher said to paint rocks first where the waterfall will be as some will jutt out behind the water - THEN paint the waterfall. It's all done with a fan brush! My first attempt at a waterfall. Thank you again for your very lovely comments. I appreciate it. :D

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

John - thank you so much for your lovely comment on Rocky Mountain Waterfall. This was don so many years ago - 1991 I think. Thank you again and thanks for the v/f :D

North Vancouver, BC - Canada

Something strange is going on here, the waterfall is moving? I checked my glasses, and cleaned them. Fantastic effect.

Berlin, NJ - United States

Beautiful work! vf

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

E Giupponi, thank you AGAIN for your gracious and lovely comments. This is one of my favorite paintings and one of my earliest. It hangs in a museum now. :D My teacher said about waterfalls to paint rocks jutting out first, so you can see them behind the waterfall. Never would have thought of that on my own. Thank you again. Greatly appreciated!

Miami (USA), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) - United States

Remarkable brushwork and palette, love the waterfall moviment, simply beautiful nature painting! F/V

Punta Gorda, FL - United States

Bob and Nancy - thank you so very much for your love comments. I doso appreciate them and your taking the time to give them. :D

Orange Park, FL - United States

What a lovely painting! Love the whole composition! V/F

Madison, AL - United States

Lisa - you saw the bear! lol If I had TRIED to paint a bear, it would have been the boulder I was originally painting! lol I'm feeling fine. Tired - we are packing to move to FL. Nap anyone? Lisa - thank you again. I do appreciate your comments.

Madison, AL - United States

Mustafa - thank you so very much for your lovely comment on my Rocky Mountain Waterfall. It was painted in 1991 and sold in 2003. Never really had any intention of selling it, but a museum wanted it. YEAH - it's for sale now! lol Again, thank you. :D

London, ON - Canada

i see the bear loll, i hope you r feeling well

Bagdhad - Iraq

So Nice

Lakeland, FL - United States

Congrats on having a painting in a museum, I would be very proud myself.

Have to tell you Sharon, it's made my day/week/year/etc. :D

Madison, AL - United States

Perhaps I should tell the museum to let me touch it up a bit! lol I love your comment. No worries there. Look at some of my other pics and they are out of focus too. I really do need a new camera and tripod. :D

Lakeland, FL - United States

oops, it looks really neat fuzzy, either way I like it.

Madison, AL - United States

Sharon - the photograph is out of focus - not my painting. lol But I do love that it's in a museum for so many people to view - including me. :D Thank you for your lovely comment. I very much appreciate it.

Lakeland, FL - United States

Alannah, I love the slightly out of focus look you have so masterfully achieved here. This deserves to be in a museum.

Madison, AL - United States

Ann, Just looked at your gorgeous site, and a compliment from you is a compliment to be cherished. Your art is stunning. Thank you again. :D

Kingston, ON - Canada

Very lively and full of rhythm. Your strokes really pull you into the painting.

Phoenix, AZ - United States

This is one of my favorites of your paintings. Simply beautiful work!

Chrisann - I forgot to send my thankyou through reply, so you didn't get it. Mea culpa. I do thank you dear friend. We had this on our mantle since 1991 until it sold to a museum about 3 years ago. Thank you again. :D

Ship Harbour, NL - Canada

Beautiful! I can 'hear' the thunderous roar!

Barbara - what a lovely comment! Thank you so much. So many layers to paint, but enjoyed doing it. Thank you again. :D

Calgary, al - Canada

this would have to be my favourite. love it!!

Elisabeth, thank you so very much for your lovely comment. It is hanging in a museum now. :D (Had a lucky day at a contest. :D) Thank you again.

Madison, AL - United States

Mansour - thank you again for looking at my paintings and enjoying them. I appreciate it. :D

Woodland Hills, CA - United States

I love this Painting! Fantastic work!

Mansour, I unfortunately sent my thank you (16 days ago) but not in "reply," I do thank you for looking at my paintings and this is a particular fav of mine also. thank you again.

London, ON - Canada

this is great but wheres the bear? haha

Lisa, sorry I haven't posted a thank you yet. Have been ill AND we're in the midst of selling our home. thank you again so much. The bear is on the top of the left hand clif overlooking the waterfall. lol

Kansas City, KS - United States

This is fabulous, are a wonderful talent..!

Tyler - WOW - thank you. :D It's always good to hear that. Very much appreciated. :D

Madison, AL - United States

Jennie - thank you so very much for your lovely comments. I really take them to heart.

Edgewood, WA - United States

Lovely landscape!

Jennie, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I appreciate it.

Santos, SP - Brazil

You have beautiful paintins,your gallery is nice, specially this painting. :)

Rita - posted 3 days ago, spelled your name wrong, mea culpa, and didn't go through reply. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for looking and appreciating my gallery. Thank you again!

Santos, SP - Brazil

You have beautiful paintins,your gallery is nice, specially this painting. :)

Black Hawk, CO - United States

This is really lovely.

Carol, thank you! It was so much fun to paint, and I'd only been painting a little over two years when completed. So your comment is really appreciated. :D

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Alanna~ This is Outstanding!!! Your mountains, the tree's ,the water, choice of colors and how you used them creating lights,darks shadows and detail.... Excellent work! And your movement in the water... This is such a beautiful scene.. Good luck in the contest... :):)

Chrisann - thank you so much. It hung on our wall since 1991 and is now in a museum. Woooohooo. ;) No others can enjoy it too. I love that. Did you find the bear? lol

Madison, AL - United States

Sangeeta, namaste. Thank you ever so much. I really appreciate it. Your collection on your site has some on my fav list. They are gorgeous. Thank you again. Namaste

New Delhi, Ph - India

Alanna Hug-McAnnally ji, Namaste, This is a awesome painting.Your all work is as profound as your heart. You have a great talent.

Sangeeta, namaste again. My comment is below in the main room. Please forgive me for not going through "reply." I forgot. :( But am getting better at it. Namaste and thank you so much again.

Madison, AL - United States

Thank you very much Anup. :D

Trichur, Ke - India

As the colors are not confined with in the boundaries of out line, Gives the feeling of being there. Well done, McAnnally.

Madison, AL - United States

Andzej, thank you so very much for your lovely comment. This is a favorite of mine, and I'm very happy it's in a museum. :D Thank you again.

Stalowa Wola, po - Poland

This is an absolutely wonderful piece of work

Please see reply below. I forgot to go through the "reply" button. mea culpa - and thank you again.



Namaste again! This was done in 1991 I believe. lol It's now in a museum. :D Thank you again Maneesh.

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