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30 Years Of Invention Collector's Poster By Upside Down Artist By L R Emerson II

L R Emerson II

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30 Years Of Invention Collectors Poster By Upside Down Artist By L R Emerson II Drawing  - 30 Years Of Invention Collectors Poster By Upside Down Artist By L R Emerson II Fine Art Print





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12.000 x 17.000 inches

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30 Years Of Invention Collector's Poster By Upside Down Artist By L R Emerson II


L R Emerson II


Drawing - Airbrush On Paper With Digital Effects


Emerson never intended to become a household name in artmaking and the evidence of his effort to avoid “selling out” is firstly, his diligent efforts to make art that was intentionally against the common trends and secondly to keep his unique style secret from the world at large for two decades.
Recently, however after Emerson decidedly released some of his work, after keeping it suppressed since the 1980’s renowned artist Georg Baselitz called L. R. Emerson's art"...inspiring."
Baselitz’ own art has sold for in excess of $4.2 million dollars at recent auction.
In tribute, paying homage to neo-expressionist painter Georg Baselitz, Emerson recently exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, Upside-Down Artwork (also known as Masg art) titled "Ode to Baselitz". Featured at Emerson has presented a work which has garnered the attention of Charles Saatchi himself who personally flagged L. R. Emerson ‘s work as “Liked”. "Ode to Baselitz" is part of L. R. Emerson II's "Heavy Ink" series.
The medium of “Ode to Baselitz” is called Digigraph or Digiography (both phrases termed and documented in 2009 in The Purple Tree; Art in a Boundless Age) is a combination of both traditional and tech media. The Digigraph featured at Saatchi is part of L. R. Emerson’s 50+ documented, pioneering inventions for making art - each calling for combinations of traditional and digital technology mediums.
“Ode to Baselitz” is a culmination of pen and ink, and computer aided design. Emerson’s goal with “Ode to Baselitz” is not only to bring attention to the already known upside-down work of Baselitz but moreover for the fact that like Emerson, Baselitz has ridden the critical seas of the public’s reaction to upside down work.
Baselitz, according to Emerson has paved a way for artists, even ones who are not working neo-expressively to express themselves through multi-directional composition – though Baselitz does not intend his upside-down works be hung in two or more directions as Emerson intentionally does.
As Emerson puts it “Baselitz broke the water and I am simply delivering the baby” speaking metaphorically to the aspect of L. A. times featured article from 1984 showing Baselitz’ upside-Down painting. By comparison, Emerson’s 1984 series was removed from exhibition during the same time period (’85) as Emerson feared critical rejection and stylistic copying. Thus L. R. Emerson II’s art was selectively hidden from the world for the next two decades.
In 2005 Emerson II exhibited nearly 800 works sharing numerous signed prints, presented to major museums and galleries in 11 countries, yet he determined it necessary to continue to hold other selections from the public eye. What is seen today in exhibition by Emerson are mere artistic fragments of what he actually creates. With his current work never shown and by only releasing work that is about two years old, Emerson keeps ahead of those who would choose to mimic his style.
With over 100 awards to date and currently working in his third decade, Emerson has proven himself worthy of critical appraisal. Nicholas Forrest, contributing writer to Art & Antiques Magazine wrote about L. R. Emerson II stating "An amazing artist, Amazing art!" 2006. L. R. has been actively researching, developing, and inventing methods of making art and specifically Upside-Down art known as Masg Art, from Gaelic meaning to mix; or infuse for 30 years.
To date, L. R. Emerson II has delivered on his 1983 promises to make “Upside-Down Art” a household name in the very near future. In the aftermath we find now major artists effecting and or following the Upside-Down Art movement which is crossing international lines with artists such as Germany's Georg Baselitz and British Sculptor Anish Kapoor, giving significantly strong visual support.


May 10th, 2012


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