Ammonite Fossil

Lynn Quinn


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Ammonite Fossil Painting

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Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you, Doug!

Sudbury, ON - Canada

Well done!

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you all! It was a nice surprise! Sorry I couldn't respond to your congrats earlier. I couldn't sign in to FAA, as my old email was hacked & it wasn't recognizing my new one. Looks like it's sorted out now. Thanks again!

Budapest, Bu - Hungary

Congratulations on your sale.

B.S., MO - United States

Congrats on your sale!

Painted Post, NY - United States

Congrats Lynn, very cool!

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you so much, Cindy!

Chester, NE - United States

I really like the definition in this painting.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you so much for your comment, Jessica! I went back to look at your other work, and was totally amazed!

Dorchester, Do - United Kingdom

This is a beautifully executed painting, Lynn.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you very much, Paul! I appreciate that!

Halifax, We - United Kingdom

Hi Lynn, Beautiful colours and textures, I really like this piece really well executed! Thanks for your kind comments.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you so much, Brenda! I appreciate your comments!

Killarney, MB - Canada

This is stunning Lynn.I love seashells and the fossils of the prehistoric ones are amazing.The colours in this are wonderful.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you so much, Perry! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Oak Harbor, WA - United States

Thanks for the comment on my work, Lynn. Interesting comments on this piece. I was attracted to it right away. Love the simplicity. In fact I like to take things that people wouldn't normally think of painting, then give myself the problem to see if I can make it a composition that despite the subject and all the "do's and do nots", will still attract people. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I've been very busy.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you, Basie! I really appreciate that!

Cape Town, We - South Africa

Great lines,textures and colors Lynn. I like.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you, Teresa! I enjoyed looking at your work, as well. All your paintings have such a cheerful feeling to them.

Oceanside, CA - United States

Lynn, I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio, you have such an amazing work.

Lively, ON - Canada

Thank you, Anne-Elizabeth! I don't think she meant having spirals in a painting is a problem, as much as having a spiral AS the painting. Drawing your eye into the Center of Interest is good, but she was basically saying that with a spiral, the eye gets caught or stuck there, instead of continuing to travel around the painting. I did understand what she meant, but just felt that this particular spiral is broken up enough that my eye continues to move around the painting. So I am interested in feedback from other artists on this issue. Thanks so much for taking the time to give your feedback, and ask the questions! I really appreciate it!

Smithfield, VA - United States

P.S. Just another comment and/or question. What is wrong with the eye being drawn into the vortex. I have been taught that we DO NOT WANT lead the eye "away" from the main subject in the picture... So I don't understand the vortex controversy. p.s Don't feel obligated to write back to me unless you have time. I just wanted to express my admiration for your talents and abilities and remind you that I like this picture SO MUCH.

Smithfield, VA - United States

Lynn, I have viewed your art on FAA for the first time this a.m. I like all your art posted. I read what you wrote about somebody saying that spirals do not make a good comopostion or something like that ...I don't remember the exact words. Well, I don't know where they got their imformation from, but not on this planet! (Smile) This is a wonderful, lovely work of art. I use spirals and similarly shaped images in many of my paintings. This is one of my favorite artworks that i have viewed in a long time. Carry on, Lynn. Don't let the "turkeys' get you down. YOUR admirer, Anne

Lively, ON - Canada

Thanks so much, Joe! I do have a question for you, though. Your comment about having your eye drawn into the vortex interested me, as a few weeks ago, a fellow artist at a show I was in mentioned she had been taught that spirals make for bad composition, because of that very thing! As I'm pretty much self-taught, I hadn't heard this sort of thing, but it makes sense. My sense, in both looking at this painting, or at the actual ammonite fossils, is that there is enough variation, both in how the segments mineralized, and in the break-down of some of the partitions, that I find my eye not so much being trapped in the middle, as continuing to move all around the piece. (Of course, I'm biased -- it was my fascination with these things that induced me to paint it in the first place!) I'd love to get some feedback on this!

Littleton, CO - United States

Lynn, I really like this painting. It's seductive "spirality" (if there is such a word) just drags my eye into its vortex. Really interesting and dynamic. Great work. And, thanks for your compliment on my parrot. I greatly appreciate the commentary of paint artists because their different perspectives. -- Joe.

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