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Autumn Ode Painting


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Williamsburg, VA - United States

Really nice. I love the colors and how they stand out against the white sky.

Saint Louis, MO - United States

Such a beautiful soft feeling. A mood painting for certain, and so nice with the black accents.

Malin, OR - United States

very nice peaceful feeling from it ..

Nelspruit, Mp - South Africa

Soft. Delicate but with backbone. Simply beautiful x

Peñaflor - Chile

CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Excellent artwork, really very well done!!! Voted

Peñaflor - Chile

CONGRATULATIONS!! Featured on Female Artists - Creative Women!!! Excellent artwork, really very well done!!! Voted

Toms River, N. - United States

Beautiful, I love the simplicity of this painting. Very captivating!!

Canby, MN - United States

Beautiful colors and contrast between the soft foliage and the stark autumn trunks and branches showing through.

Asheville, NC - United States

This is super. The colors and texture and design composition all combine to make this a really wonderful piece. I find there is often a sense of freedom with self-taught artists that is very attractive.

Asheville, NC - United States

This is gorgeous. Very effective.

Montreal, QC - Canada

Excellent work, Anneke ! The colors are fantastic ... Regards, Juergen

Raleigh, NC - United States

I like this painting!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Anneke, thanks for your comment. Your painting has an uncommon elegance !!

Ken Day  

Arlngton, WA - United States

These are beautiful autumn colors on a lovely styled work of art Anneke.

Berlin, Be - Germany

Anneke since Bruce has found his way to this tranquil garden with colourful pastel foliage, it would be only appropriate to ask you, if a second person _ promising to remain perfectly still _ beg for entrance too? Lovely!

Brookline, MA - United States

Wonderful paining Anneke ... love the colors! My best, Juergen

Provincetown, MA - United States

A wonderful creation ,well done!

East Brunswick, NJ - United States


Williamsburg, VA - United States

(Cont.) The water looks as still as a canal, although not smooth, nor deep and dark, nor straight; as if it were assigned by nature just to rest there, and placidly reflect the placid sky. And just for us, today, as we pause here, taking it all in, enthralled, rejuvenated by, and maybe even understanding now the joy that no one but God could send to nature herself, who now shares its partaking of that joy by sending it as inspiration to the painting’s maker, thence to us from the painting as well. And so we are here, standing on the opposite shore, entranced, where the painter must have sat or maybe could only stand, almost in a trance of inspiration. Or at least must have conceived and recreated for himself, and thus for all of us, and all the universe, this beauty, as young Keats said, “A Joy Forever.” And so, dear artist, Anneke, please consider a change of the name of this glorious painting. No one would deny that its definitely God-given angelic delicacy creates a wonderful, awesomely powerful simplicity. Thus, listening to a fugue by Bach (and I have no hesitancy in making this comparison!), one might feel an apparently simple “intense fragility” (my gratitude to the humble lower-case simplicity only, poet ee cummings!). A deeper investigation of the structure reveals, however, an actually understated (less is more!), carefully created complexity that is successfully obscured. I am left with no doubt whatsoever that this masterful achievement definitely involved the inspiration of an already tremendously talented and skillful artist. We are blessed, indeed, to have her among us. But I most humbly believe – I am totally convinced, that this painting, as do all of Anneke Hut’s posted works, absolutely transcends anybody’s “Doodling!”

Williamsburg, VA - United States

(Cont.) Ah, but could this perfect place ever really be, ever really exist, I fear. Only an inspired masterfully talented painter could create it! And from such a few delicately blended hues -- maybe only three? -- alas my eyesight's not so good now (but how could better eyes admire it more?) An invitation from the far reaching depth of the path among these gentle woods. Could that be someone standing at the far end? Now, notice how from the height at our right the tops of trees seem to diminish almost in a line toward our left, even though – a sophisticated painter’s skillful – “trick of the eyes!” – to achieve a desired effect. Looking more carefully, one sees that one or more of the trees has spent its life growing in behind the front trees along the forest path. By its height, however, its top fits right in with the diminishing height of the forward trees, taking us off to the left along this water. (Cont.)

Williamsburg, VA - United States

My Dear Artist Anneke, I have forgotten what I said, if anything, the last time I wandered through your marvelous and diverse gallery, regarding the lovely painting that you have titled simply, FALL DOODLE! But now I just sit here in awe – Oh my! ALL of them! So many entrancing, masterful paintings -- however, today I am held especially by this one. What a lovely collection of harmonious pastel colors in this tranquil garden of peace that seems to surround completely the entrance to the pretty path! Come in – it seems to call me -- and enjoy a quiet stroll or sit with a book (probably poetry), and if you\'ve come alone, dream of your love, whomever, wherever your love, past, present, or still future may be – and may your reverie be as lovely as this place, this painting that the title suggests was merely a mindless time passer, probably some lesser multitask! (uh Oh! Space Kops! Cont.)

Silver Valley, ID - United States

Beautiful has such a gentle quality.

Smithfield, VA - United States

Anneke, LOVE your "Fall Doodle". Thanks for your birthday wishes. We stayed home and had a pizza. I love all your entries on FAA.

East Brunswick, NJ - United States

Beautiful watercolor interpretation of nature! Love your doodle!!!! Thanks, Anneke!

Toronto, ON - Canada

Beautiful. I love the colours and loose expressive brush work.

Williamsburg, VA - United States

Anneke, you can play on my walls anytime!!

Tacoma, Wa - United States

I really like this. Very nice palette selection.

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