Barrel Of Monkeys

Barrel Of Monkeys Painting

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Santa Fe, NM - United States

I would love to see a picture. Interesting story Charlie. The title of this painting used to be called "Living In A Plastic World" But I decided I want to change it and am looking for a new title. Just got this back home after it was out for 2 years showing. It needed new updated photo's and realized it was never signed! Ugh

Peru, IN - United States

Interesting mix Leah...the one monkey appears to be a real one. This can read a thousand ways. Your approach is unique for sure. When I was younger I worked at a Zoo as an animal keeper. There was a pirate ship in a moat full of spider monkeys. They didn't swim so they stayed don the ship. I remember how there was a definite pecking order.The whole thing was cruel in retrospect. Zoo's were deplorable in the first three quarters of the 1900's! I'll send you a picture of it.

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Sandy, I should look it up to find out more in wikepedia, I painted it 3 years ago or so. Glad you like my work and it entertains you. I always love games as a child of all kinds, I even was the only girl in the chess and coin club as a teen, I am a bit geeky also, oh my eldest son has worked at best buy for years lol, runs in the family.

Bryn Mawr, PA - United States

It is a great title! I don't think Barrel of Monkey's is a currently registered trademark . . .plus, the game name came from the phrase "more fun than a barrel of monkey's which is definitely not a TM. I've been watching your page since the painting with Mark Twain and love your surrealistic / narrative take on things! Your whimsy and imagination here really make me smile! With the dual aspects of game an monkeys I keep getting this totally unrelated jumanjii vibe .. . remember reading that picture book loooong before the movie. Am a teeeeeny bit if a science and history geek and fyi the wikipedia page on barrell of monkeys is fascinating. It is like a serene comment on the nature of the cosmos and the sound of a child giggling!

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Thanks Joel, won't I have a hard time using it on zazzle if it is a name of a game?

Boise, ID - United States

I like the title, and dig your work.

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